What's the difference between this:

"This is the moment ... that the world is waiting for. ... I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions."

and this:

"It has become increasingly clear in my travel, the campaign – that the crowds, the enthusiasm, 200,000 people in Berlin, is not about me at all. It's about America. I have just become a symbol."


Well, if you're a dirty-tricks Republican, the fact that there is a difference doesn't matter. Your game is to take things out of context and then run with them as Big Lies that will get repeated and repeated by your propaganda machine (corporate mainstream news) so much that you hope the damage will be done no matter what happens when the truth comes out.

Well, people are not sleeping the way they used to. More and more people are never going to go back into the trance that your public-relations psychologists are selfishly paid to conjure up to utter damnation.

You're losing. You've already lost. You lost when you murdered Jesus.
I'm not promoting Barack Obama. I'm promoting truth.

Tom Usher

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