So, what's in it for Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili? What have the neocons in America and Israel and the U.K. and elsewhere promised him? If you, Saakashvili, attack, we'll do the following. What is that? What's the game plan? They're playing chess with the little piece. They've sacrificed a pawn dressed up as a knight. Why?

What has been Russia's counter move that they've had planned just in case the West did exactly what they've had Saakashvili do? Russia obviously sees a weakness to exploit or at least use to its fullest psychological advantage. If you punch Russia, it will punch back. If you push Russia, it will turn off the gas and oil. It can do that. If can live without the money coming in. It's better prepared to undergo the hardship than is the West.

The common Europeans don't want to go back to the immediate Post-War days of hardship. The common Americans don't want to go back to the Great Depression.

The superrich know all of this of course. They see profit in it all though. That's the problem. They gain the world for a fleeting moment by selling their souls to the devil. They finance it all and come out on top one way or another unless the people turn and repent and atone and don't go along anymore.


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