Traditional Republican voters are being extremely gullible and short-sighted concerning new offshore oil drilling as being of any help at all let alone even the tiny bit alleged by the oil companies. Don't they read? Offshore drilling won't "help" (still polluting) for many years and then, it would only be a few percentage points. The Republicans are being duped by ExxonMobil's propaganda.

First of all, the buildup of carbon in the atmosphere due to human carbon fuel burning is real. It is also a greenhouse gas. It does do what the scientists have been saying it does. The sooner the American people switch from carbon fuel the better.

What the people need to be asking for is clean, renewable, sustainable energy and nothing else. Electric is vastly better, and solar and wind power will cut the umbilical cord to Middle Eastern oil and all the imperial wars over it.

If the U.S. were to focus on this, all the other nations of the world would also. China and India would not remain carbon based. They couldn't and expect to do well. The U.S. switching to clean non-carbon fuels would drive down global prices for those types of fuels.

If the U.S. really wanted to be smart, it would create an international effort to develop the clean source. It would make it open source just as computer software is often open source.

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