In addition to wanting to put ABMs in Europe, the U.S. neocons want to destroy the U.N. They want to end Russian and Chinese veto power. They want to replace the U.N. with a League of Democracies that will really be no more than a league of the phonies.

The U.S. is hoping for a generational leap on the Russians in terms of weaponry. The neocons are hoping that they can render Russia's nuclear weapons useless. The U.S. has been planning full spectrum dominance for a long time now. Who knows when the U.S. will unleash its hidden weaponry? If they do and it fails, it will mean a total thermonuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia.

China, France, Israel, Britain, Pakistan, and India might follow, thereby rendering the planet uninhabitable. Then look up, because your salvation will be nigh.

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