Currently shut out of the Presidential debates by the requirement thresholds set by the non-profit "Non-Partisan" corporation Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), veteran Presidential campaigner Ralph Nader has called for a Super Rally to be held on the Eve of presumptive candidate Barack Obama's big night.

The CPD requires that candidates poll at least 15% nationally, as measured by the average of five corporate media polls. In contrast, the League of Women Voters (LWV), who sponsored the debates of three Presidential cycles (1976, 1980, 1984) employed a 5% rule as measured by independent polls.


You see, this is how the powers that be control. There is no real democracy. There never has been. Trying to fix the system is a waste of time and energy. The system is inherently flawed. You can't use the threat of violence to enforce your will and still be righteous. It is hypocrisy. Pure righteousness is the total absence of violent coercion. God is not violently coercive. Satan is. Whether or not you believe in a spiritual entity named Satan, violent coercion remains an error.

The plutocrats chose Obama and McCain. The people did not. The idea that the people chose them is an illusion created by the mass, corporate media. The decisions are made behind closed doors at the very top (or bottom if you happen to view things correctly).

The moneyed interests decide who will get the coverage and what kind. If the powers that be wanted the vast majority of Americans to be huge fans of Ralph Nader, they would cover him in a way to make that happen. With the way the American people are disposed, they would go right along with it without much thought. They'd buy what is put before them in a positive light. If the moneyed interests decide that what Ralph or anyone else is pushing, because it will ruin their imperial plan for consolidation of global power at the very top (bottom of the bottomless pit), they won't allow Ralph any positive coverage. They will always cast him as unviable. It is true that Ralph is not a viable candidate for President but only because the richest of the rich have decreed it and not because an informed people have decided it.

Therefore, realize that no matter how well-intentioned the people are who are trying to fix the system, the system is exactly what Jesus Christ came to displace. The Gospels are the story of how he came to do that. They explain who and what the system is and why it is evil and what to do about it.

That's why we have the Christian Commons Project™. It will displace the current system. It will start out small, as did Jesus's ministry. It is part of that ministry.

Tom Usher

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