I been discussing (writing about) the U.S. neocon plans concerning Georgia and Europe, etc. Well, I've mentioned Israel a few times, but really you can't talk about neocons without looking deeper to the Zionist Project and Israel.

The neocons for the most part were once Democrats. However, when the New Left started to mean that Americans weren't to hate Russia (Soviet Union) at a time when Russia was supporting and arming Arabs, the neocon-Democrat Jews became alarmed for the Zionists Project and switched to the Republican Party. They designed a strategy to move the U.S. to look upon Israel as a strategic ally against the so-called Communist Block and its aspirations for global rule. Of course, the Communists were never any more a Block than was the so-called free world and actually less so.

Anyway, the neocons are political Zionists (not true Zionists who are peace loving; the neocons are war-mongers). Their first loyalty is to Israel. They are all through the American government. They are in high places in the White House. They are members of the Senate and House. They haven't exactly taken over the Supreme Court, but the self-styled conservatives on the court certainly don't slap down the neocon U.S. attorneys general.

Now, the Zionists sent Israeli Defense Force generals and many others to Georgia to train the Georgians. The Israelis supplied Georgia with pilotless drones too and many other types of weapons. They knew that Russia would strike back if Georgia attacked South Ossetia.

Here's the deal. Russia arms Hezbollah and Iran and others that Israel sees as its enemies or rivals. Many Zionists moved to Israel from Russia by way of Russia but also by way of America. Many Russian Jews had gone to America and many of their descendants moved to Israel. Those Russian Jews remember the Russian pogroms (massacres). They don't trust the Russians. They don't like them. They have revenge in their hearts toward them.

Of course, this completely ignores the Jewish control of the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia. Marx, of course, was Jewish. Lenin was partly Jewish. Many others surrounding Lenin had much more Jewish blood in them. There are those who claim Stalin had a Jewish mother. It's hard to know for sure who is telling the truth. Understand here that Marxism is not Judaism. Marxism is in fact atheistic. Nevertheless, the Bolsheviks were often outwardly vengeful for what had happened to Jews in Russia. This subject area is difficult to pin down, since each side is so extreme and prone to lying, or more so telling only one side of the story and in a very slanted manner.

So, in Israel and the U.S., you find many Jews clamoring for war against the enemies of the Jewish people as they see them. These people are motivated by a mixture of emotions from revenge to imperial ambitions to paranoia to Talmudic fanaticism and more. It's the imperial ambition though that calls the shots, and paranoia (holocaust) is the primary cover. The Talmudic aspect is really the religion of imperialism. Revenge is supposed to be an inside-the-family topic, but there are so many outspoken Jews that they can hardly keep it a secret.

Also, Israel wants more Jews to move to Israel. They want more people so they can out number the Palestinian Arabs in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. There are reportedly about 13,000 Jews in Georgia. Some of them have just left and are in Israel now. The immigration service in Israel is delighted.

By pushing Georgia into doing this, Israel has made it less likely that Russia will support greater sanctions on Iran. Israel is already upset with Germany for Germany's natural gas liquefaction contract with Iran. The Germans might be less inclined to back away now, and they weren't inclined before. They also weren't inclined toward Georgia joining NATO. All combined, this lessens ostensible U.S. efforts to get Russia on board with further U.N. sanctions and so increases Israelis' likelihood for attacking Iran. Remember though that the U.S. was already massing its fleet.

Turkey is negotiating an energy deal with Iran. China has made an energy deal with Iran and so have Afghanistan and India. Russia is selling Iran advanced anti-aircraft weapons. With the U.S. losing economic power around the world, the only thing it has are spies and operatives, military bases all over, and tons of the most advanced military hardware of all kinds. The Military-Industrial Complex is the business of the U.S. now. The U.S. isn't making much anymore. It has been mostly a consumer-driven economy ever since the plutocrats took over. It grows plenty, but that will become much more difficult if global warming continues. The spoils of war is the fallback position that has been setup by the war-mongering weapons corporations.

What do you think they're going to do if the people don't stop supporting them?

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