Congressman John Conyers says he's probably the most frustrated person in Congress (both houses) when it comes to getting information from the Bush administration. Why? How many times has he gone to the courts seeking to get a judicial ruling from the Federal Courts compelling the White House to release the information Conyers needs to conduct his oversight responsibilities? How many times has he pulled out all the stops and made it a make-it-or-break-it situation? How many times has he put everything on the line? So far, he has not done it. In fact, he has been told point blank by Nancy Pelosi that he is not to do it.

What would she do it he went ahead anyway? Would she fire him as the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee? How long would she last if she were to do that? Besides, would Conyers rather go out having not stood up, or would he rather go out being fired for trying to do his job on behalf of the people who hired him?

...many people are saying, "Now, wait a second. I kind of own this government. The way this works is I'm the sovereign, the people. They're servants, public servants." It's an interesting sort of phrase with tension in the words. They have awesome powers, but they actually serve the public. And the notion of rule of law being supreme to any individual is the core of what the founders understood, in terms of the tyranny of power.

— Ron Suskind, author of The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism

That's exactly right with one exception that revolves around the issue of violent coercion and righteousness. The only way for the people to assert sovereignty as contemplated above is through violence, just as those with the said awesome powers above use violent coercion to enforce the law or their wills, which unfortunately, especially as of late, have not been the same thing.

The issue is that it is not righteous to use violence to get one's way. It is a violation of the Golden Rule. No one is capable of exercising such judgment or punishment with perfection other than God, and God doesn't even do it for that very reason. Satan does the punishing and gets it wrong through his proxies and surrogates here on Earth. God doesn't want us emulating the satanic spirit. God wants us emulating God; hence, God doesn't do what he allows Satan to do while God points out for our edification that Satan is being a bad example. Nevertheless, look how many still follow Satan even as they imagine they are following God or doing God's will or bidding.

That's why the traditional Peace Churches were more right than were the violent churches. That's why the Church was right not to be partaking in the secular system. It's why the whole movement of the Jerry Falwell's of the U.S. who convinced the "conservative" Christians to register to vote and to run for office lead all those people astray.

The new movement must be to end excessive lust. It must be to end the lust for excessive money, blood, and sex. It must be the movement toward perfection that is greedless, totally pacifistic, and sexually righteous, meaning not harmful at the very least.

We need to bring forth outside the secular system. We need the Christian Commons Project™.

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