The neocons bombed Serbia to destroy any possibility for Yugoslavia. They bombed Afghanistan, even though the Taliban were prepared to give up Osama bin Laden, who wasn't even ultimately responsible for 9/11. The neocons were. They bombed Iraq, even though Iraq had done nothing to the U.S. and had no WMDs. They allowed Israel to rain down cluster bomblets on Lebanon in a hugely disproportionate strike aimed at civilians. They facilitate the on-going imprisonment and oppression and persecution of the Palestinian Arabs and Christians. They had their proxy dictatorship Ethiopia invade Somalia that was finally enjoying a tiny semblance of stability. They have had their secret agents busy all over the world in concert with the Mossad destabilizing everything that doesn't knuckle under. They encouraged and facilitated gangsters to declare Kosovo's independence from Serbia (anything to continually try to keep Russia down). They are sending their reconstituted fleet to Latin America to reestablish gunboat diplomacy there. They are sending another fleet to right off Persia (Iran). Now they have encouraged the unstable Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to attack South Ossetia under the guise that South Ossetia is a part of Georgia even though the South Ossetians don't want to be under Saakashvili and the Georgians but rather the Russians. They have done that to increase military tensions, because the only way out is war.

They have ruined the economy of the U.S., and the only way out is war. They will kill their way back to riches that make the U.S. domination of 1950 pale by comparison it their insane vision.

They want Iran and they want Russia too. They want to rev up the Military-Industrial Complex to unimaginable heights. They want their ABMs right on Russia's edge. They want their tanks in Georgia. They want NATO forced (in particular France and Germany) into taking clear sides against Russia (their natural gas supplier) or the U.S. will threaten to pull out, thereby leaving the E.U. to finance it's own defense one-hundred percent. They want the U.N. destroyed. They want a new league where Russia and China don't have the same veto power as the U.S., U.K., and France.

They have run the economy into the dirt, and now they want the economic stimulus of war and plunder and spoils to pay the way out.

They will turn on China too. They will try to use China, to game China away from Russia and Iran.

They are evil maniacal. They are Machiavellians (liars all). They are megalomaniacs. They are antichrists.

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