A long time ago, when I was many decades younger, I learned a hard lesson. Someone working in the same company with me did something I found to be unethical. I asked the person if he ever wanted to work in the industry within the entire metropolitan area again. I thought the industry was vastly more monolithic in its spirit of ethics than it was. I was also ignorant back then about how wrong it was to be making such veiled threats even though I thought at the time I was on the side of higher moral ground.

When I hear U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice say that Russia is risking its place in "the diplomatic, political, economic and security structures of the 21st century," I'm reminded of my years when I was wet behind the ears or green (unseasoned). Ms. Rice doesn't seem to comprehend that Russia is actually in a stronger position now than it was when it was the Soviet Union. You think I'm off my rocker because I say that?

The Soviet Union was strong, but it wasn't needed. Russia is needed by Europe at least until the Europeans get wise and go totally solar and wind power, etc. It's why Sarkozy rushed to Moscow. He isn't 100% on board with the Bush administration about the Georgia gambit. Neither is Germany. Sarkozy though has staked much of his position on warming up to the Bush administration, so any expressions of negativity about the Bush policy will be highly diplomatic.

Imagine what he said in Russia to assuage the Russians all the while with the Russians knowing full well that Sarkozy had a long talk with George W. Bush beforehand.

Sarkozy though is French. He's partially Jewish (a Zionist somewhat), but he's French. He isn't an American, and he's been in political trouble in France lately. The last thing he needs are the French people (very independent minded when it comes to America) becoming extremely upset about Washington's stirring up more trouble for the sake of the U.S. energy corporations. That is what this is all about of course. It all translates into money.

So, in addition to the neocons wanting more U.S. military hardware (sales, sales, sales) in Europe and to knock out the U.N. and to undercut Russian oil and gas sales to Europe (market domination), the neocons want to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe so Russia won't join the E.U., which it might have eventually otherwise.

Think of an E.U. with Russia. Wow. Now that would be an Empire. Of course, that prospect frightens the U.S. nearly to death. That's why the neocons are pushing hard behind the scenes for the North American Union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States with dominance over South America that the U.S. neocons are planning to re-establish one way or another. They are denying this, but that's what they do — lie. They don't really care if you know either, because so many Americans know it and know that they are getting theirs now via that very lying. It's a national thing: Lying, pretending. I know. I'm an American. I hate it: The lying. I want the liars out of every position of authority, and it will happen one day and globally.

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