FOLLOW THE MONEY, BUT WHAT IF THEY WON'T LET YOU? They can't stop you in general, and that's all you really need. They can stop you from obtaining the details, unless everyone demands to know those details. However, unless you're duped enough to falsely imagine that you're going to fix the system, having the tiniest details doesn't matter. What matters is seeing the fruits of the system and looking at those who are on top of that upside-down system. That informs you of who has benefited the most by the most despicable system that is the system. No one gets to the top of that system without grossly compromising righteousness. Your problem is in coming to realize that.

They spend billions on trying to convince everyone that they are the good guys. They are not. No one is, but they certainly are not. Only that which is perfect is truly good. Everything else is corrupted to a relative degree rendering it less than perfect of truly good. What the superrich do is deal in the promotion of connotations and the death of other connotations so that people's perception won't even be able to include considering what good truly means. It's understandable how this happens, but it isn't good. Reverse it.

Right before 9/11, people were buying options so that they would make a fortune on airlines stocks going down. The 9/11 Commission didn't dig into this, because to have done so would have meant uncovering those behind the attacks, those with prior knowledge who allowed it to go forward for their own private, special advantage and privilege at the expense of everyone else: The dupes or suckers.

Right before the housing collapse, the man who later hired Alan Greenspan, bought options such that he made billions of dollars upon the collapse. He knew what Greenspan claims Greenspan didn't know, yet he then went and hired Greenspan. Right, hire the guy who knows less than you do to give you more advice.

Right before Bear Stearns crashed, someone or some group bought $1.7 million in options (puts or futures) and then sold them after the crash for some $250 million. People who are professional options traders are saying that no one would have made that "bet" without knowing what was going to happen. The Chicago Board of Options Exchange has so far refused to divulge who made the trade or trades.

What that means is that the Chicago Board of Options Exchange knows who knew in advance that Bear Stearns was going to show itself to be bankrupt. So, who's paying whom how much to cover up, and why would you if you are in your right mind, want to continue on with any faith in the evil system rather than taking steps to create the system that will displace that one with righteousness for once since the beginning?

Now, this all is what I've been writing about for years now. The whole economic system is nothing but a scheme set up by crooks and liars. The only intelligent thing to do with it is ditch it for the political economy devised by God and spoken and exemplified by Jesus. That's one of the reasons he is the Messiah.

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