Colonel Ghulam Ali, a high-ranking regional security officer, explained sternly that he supported the authorities' right to convict victims of rape. "In Afghanistan whether it is forced or not forced it is a crime because the Islamic rules say that it is," he claimed. "I think it is good. There are many diseases that can be created in today's world, such as HIV, through illegal sexual relations."

The Afghan women jailed for being victims of rape The Independent. Monday, 18 August 2008.

Okay, so why did the U.S. go into Afghanistan? It routinely kills scores of people for the sake of oil pipelines and to control (covertly profit by) the heroin trade running through the NATO countries. It didn't go in to get Osama bin Laden, obviously. It didn't go in to rescue the women from abusive sexism, obviously.

Who's in charge? No one is in charge. Anyone who thinks it's good to punish the victim is not fit to lead anything. Is this Colonel thinking that all the rape victims were asking for it? A man isn't supposed to rape no matter what, but certainly many of the victims in Afghanistan were wearing total covers. They certainly weren't sexually teasing if that's his idea or lame excuse.

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