Fernando Lugo is the new President of Paraguay. His electoral victory and inauguration marks a break in the long string of fascist, top political-leadership in Paraguay. Lugo is a Liberation Theologian. He is a former Roman Catholic bishop who stepped down from the bishopric because of his differing views with the top of the hierarchy (popes) of the Roman Catholic Church. Liberation theology comes in two distinct versions. One is militant. The other is not. As president, Lugo is no doubt a coercive element. The answer as to how coercive remains to be seen. We will be watching. We agree with the social gospel, of course.

The oligarchy / plutocracy stole the land and deals with the major selfish, competitive corporations. It has been corporatism and government together run by the elitist families. That's fascistic oligarchy.

What is needed is land reform. The people need back their stolen inheritance. Lugo will do some of that, but if one is going to be coercive, one may as well return 100% of the stolen property. It's the lesser of evils.

Greg Grandin, author of "Empire's Workshop: Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism," said on DemocracyNow today that 2-3% of the people in Paraguay own 90% of the arable land and those families have brought in "Archer Daniels—ADM, Cargill, DuPont" and other huge agriculture corporations from Brazil, etc. That's disgusting. It's evil. It's theft. They are also polluting the land, air, and water all on account of their filthy greed. It's antichrist.

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