Okay, let's see. The Hippy era was bad, because it was for peace and love. The neocon era is good, because it's for torture. Well, the Hippy era died before it got going. The true Hippies never went in for the hardcore drugs and certainly not the greed and violence that followed on quickly. They were also never homosexual or for rampant free love. So, if you take away the heavy drugs, guns, greed, and sexual depravity and keep the peace and love, why would anyone conclude that the current batch of neocons should even be showing their faces while people complain about how screwy the Hippies were?

Now, we have people dying in immigration detention, being tasered to death all over, being shot down in hail storms of police bullets or Blackwater bullets depending on where you are (because someone simply looked cross-eyed or something), and on and on.

Now, we're going to be tracked by millions and millions of cameras. When will the hunter-killer drones be flying around policing America's cities? Domestic and foreign are blurring. Police and military are blurring. Government and business are blurring (privatization). Consolidation is occurring (Fusion Centers).

You know, the Hippies would have been Christians if they hadn't been fed a load of dung about Christianity by the mainstream. The problem with the Jesus Revolution or Jesus Freaks was that they really bought into much of the me, me, me that came in right on its heels. They didn't go the communal feed-my-lambs-and-sheep route. Rather, they went the in-your-face, televangelist, "are you saved" route instead.

Well, it isn't too late for the Christian Commons Project™. Help to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance.

Tom Usher

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