Israeli Generals own mercenary companies that "trained" Georgians.
They supplied much weaponry and would have supplied more, but the deal fell through.

Neocon plans to isolate Russia are backfiring. Europe is not going along with the U.S.- Israel neocon plan. Even Britain has rejected any plan to overtly attempt to slap Russia around. On the mundane level, you don't slap Russia around since it has a huge nuclear arsenal and doesn't have the conventional weapons to stop a major assault. Russia would resort to tactical, and if pushed, strategic nuclear weapons. The neocons may have a death-by-war-wish, but Europe in general does not, at least not to the same extent as the insane neocons. They never learn!

If the Ossetians don't want to be under Georgia, why does Georgia attack them? Why doesn't Georgia let them go in peace?

Rather than that, we have Robert Kagan writing one-sided (propaganda) pieces in the Washington Post. ("Putin Makes His Move," August 11, 2008.) He goes on about Russia and Putin being imperialistic but never mentions American imperialism. He's totally disingenuous.

Putin is tough. No one knows though how he would have been had the U.S. been more of a partner rather then a competitor. Russia wasn't turning defensive until after the U.S. started showing real signs of huge militant, imperial ambitions. Yes, Putin is a nationalist. He's also an internationalist. He isn't the leader of North Korea. He isn't Stalin either. He's Putin. He gets around. He talks with people on all sides.

All this talk about Russia returning to behind an Iron Curtain is designed to throw fear into the masses so they will agree to evil leadership by the neocons.

Kagan is a Zionist first. America is a tool for Zionist aspiration for acquiring more and more land in the Middle East. Kagan is a Jewish imperialists, nationalist calling Putin a Russian imperialist, nationalist. The last thing anyone should do is listen to this Kagan. He's a trouble maker. He's a war-mongering liar. He's a Machiavellian. Don't buy into what he's selling. It's poisoned snake oil. His kind lied the U.S. into Iraq for oil (greed, death, war refugees, environmental pollution, etc.).

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