Let's see, the U.S. said it wouldn't make anti-ballistic missiles. It said it wouldn't expand NATO. So, it turns around and does the following:

  • Breaks up Yugoslavia
  • Lies about Serbian genocide against Kosovo
  • Instigates anti-Russian revolutions throughout Eastern Europe
  • Expands NATO right up to Russia's doorstep
  • Develops tactical nuclear weapons, contrary to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
  • Demonstrates that it will tell the biggest lies to the world to establish pretexts for invading nearly defenseless, broke nations (Afghanistan, Iraq)
  • Demonstrates that it will murder its own people in the 9/11 and Anthrax false-flag operations (Putin will too: Moscow Apartment Bombings)
  • Expands its covert operations worldwide
  • Throws due process out
  • Instigates an open policy of torture
  • Turns its military into corporate/privatized mercenaries (war is a capitalist profit center)
  • Uses proxy dictators to invade other nations (Ethiopia invades Somalia)
  • Continues developing weapons suitable only for fighting major military powers
  • Unilaterally breaks the ABM Treaty
  • Cuts a deal with Poland to install ABMs in Poland
  • Arms, trains, and encourages Georgia to attack South Ossetia, which was fairly antonymous for some 15 years, is loaded with ethnic Russians, and had voted in a landslide, internationally monitored referendum to join the Russian Federation. Georgia's neocon President actually follows the orders from Bush and attacks all so the neocons can then whine about Russian aggression and danger after Russia of course responds in force

Who's more dangerous to the world, Putinites or neocons? Is Putin being more defensive or offensive? He may start becoming offensive as a defense. Are the neocons just going to hope to spend Russia under the table again? The Russians aren't going to repeat that mistake. They are running things in their own country again. How long before the covetous ones make a big move to try to bring down the Russian leadership and replace it with more subservient clients?

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