I keep seeing all sorts of negative writing about Barack Obama by pro-McCain writers. They write like a gang. The so-called left or progressives do the same on their side. Just call the other side the slang name of the moment and completely ignore the errors on your own side. That's the pattern. There's no truth telling, because the truth says what's right and wrong on all sides. I'm not for either Obama or McCain. They are both phonies.

I say that, because they both claim to be Christians and then go on and on saying all sorts of totally antichrist things. I hate it.

McCain sang in Vietnam under torture. He made anti-American statements in videos that were aired nationally and globally. Well, I don't hold with war or torture, but McCain is being held up as some paragon of strength and courage, a hero, and the rest, all while what he really did was bombed North Vietnam peasant civilians. What heroism? I don't see any heroism in John McCain. The word hero is just thrown around so loosely.

McCain divorced his wife apparently not for cause but to marry his mistress, to marry into big money and political power, Jewish-mafia power, in Arizona where he was targeting Barry Goldwater's Senate seat. McCain was not an Arizonan. He moved there just to run for Congress and then Senate. He knew Arizona politics would allow him to be a so-called moderate Republican.

McCain sang, "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran." He did that while he has zero evidence that Iran is doing anything illegal.

McCain said Afghanistan borders Iraq. It does not.

McCain said U.S. troops had been drawn down to pre-Surge levels. It wasn't at all true.

McCain said that, "Basra, Mosul, and Sadr City are quiet." They were not. There were bombings going on the same days he was saying this. Also, Sadr City is quiet because Sadr ordered it after studying more in Iran. He has reserved the right to begin fighting the U.S. if the U.S. doesn't get out of Iraq, as it ought to.

McCain has kept saying that the Surge is a success. It has resulted in many more war refugees, ethnic cleansing of whole sections of Baghdad, the walling off and in of whole sections, and the payment of huge bribes ($300 per person per month) to the sectarian forces the U.S. neocons stimulated in the first place into acting as death squads, just as under Ronald Reagan in Central America.

McCain mentioned Czechoslovakia as if it still exists. Czechoslovakia broke apart into two countries 15 years ago.

McCain said that Iran was training al Qaeda in Iraq. Joseph Lieberman quickly corrected him.

McCain claims he's a saved Christian. How can he escape damnation since he's a greedy, violent, unrepentant adulterer?

McCain is a war-monger of war-mongers. He has a terrible temper. He's changing his stripes according to which way the Karl Rove (dirty tricks) types tell him to go.

McCain is now falsely laying all the blame on Russia for what the neocons have primarily done in and around Georgia.

I'm not condemning him. I'm asking him to wake up. He's my enemy. He hates me. I bless him. I'm not cursing him. I don't want him cursed. I want him healed. I want to be healed. I want you healed. I'm asking everyone who is following him to wake up. I'm warning them that they are headed over the cliff's edge. It's the right thing to do, to warn. It's the Golden Rule. It's a waste of time to beat a dead horse though. It's wrong to beat a horse, period. If John won't heed, he's the blind leading the blind and following the blind. They're all going to fall into the proverbial ditch.

I saw a young war veteran openly repenting of all he had done in Iraq. He said he was no longer the monster he once was. I loved hearing that. His conscience kicked in. I hope he gets all the love and support he needs. I forgive him.

I hope he forgives me. I'm much older than he is and was silent while the maniacs went about their evil deeds and geared up. I was Peter saying I don't know the man. It's why Mel Gibson said he was the one who nailed Jesus to the cross. He meant it. He's had some tough nights to arrive at that depth of understanding. It doesn't mean I agree with him about everything. I don't.

Here's the deal though. The system (the current worldly system) is dead. It is dead of the Holy Spirit. It was dead on arrival. It was stillborn. The political economy of the world is dead. It is error. It is based on nothing but falsehood: Theft of the inheritance of God's children. Get out of it. Help instead to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance. Help me with the Christian Commons Project™.

To hell with greed, war, and sexual depravity. Thy kingdom come.

Tom Usher

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