Joe lost me when he plagiarized.

He lost me when he said he's a Zionist (of the Zionist project, antichrist variety). They love him. He's a darling of the anti-Semitic Zionists. Oh yes, they are really anti-Semites. Think about it in terms Jesus uses. If you are really for someone or a people, you want what is truly best and right for them. You want them to be righteous, because anything less, harms them (their eternal souls).

He lost me when he campaigned for the Iraq War.

He lost me when he de-linked Israel and Palestine from the Iraq War and Occupation, because the neocons in the U.S. are all about Israel first and they are the ones who fabricated everything under Bush and Cheney to sway U.S. public opinion to support war-mongers.

He lost me when he put corporations owned and operated by and for the superrich, moneyed class over the just pleas of the needy.

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