Afghanistan attack was 'legitimate' hit at Taliban: Pentagon "Unfortunately there were some civilian casualties, although that figure is in dispute, I would say. But this is why it is being investigated," he said.

'Nothing scares us,' says Russian prez "Nothing scares us, including the prospect of a Cold War," Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said.

Israel 'needs Georgia for Iran strike': report: A recent report suggests that the US and Israel had plans to use Georgia as a launchpad for aerial strikes on Iranian nuclear sites, PressTV reported.

Obama: World must not let Iran corner Israel White House hopeful Barack Obama said Monday sanctions and diplomacy must be made to bite against Iran so that Israel does not feel its "back is against the wall" and stages an attack.

Israel 'doubling' illegal settlement growth Israel has nearly doubled illegal settlement construction activity in the occupied West Bank since 2007, a report by the rights group Peace Now says.

Sailing into Gaza On Saturday, after 32 hours on the high seas, I sailed into the port of Gaza City with 45 other citizens from around the world in defiance of Israel's blockade. We traveled from Cyprus with humanitarian provisions for Palestinians living under siege. My family in Michigan was worried sick.

AIPAC: We like Biden: Thumbs up for Biden from an AIPAC spokesman "Senator Biden is a strong supporter of the US-Israel relationshipand he has longstanding ties to AIPAC and the pro-Israel community."

Ecuador: President "Stabbed In the Back" byChurch Over Constitution Church prelates are vigorously opposed to the proposedconstitution because they allege it opens the door to the legalisation of abortion and same-sexmarriage, although the word "abortion" is not mentioned in any of its articles.

AT&T Throws Party to Support Dems Who Voted to GrantTelecoms Immunity for Illegal Domestic Wiretapping This is one of over1,200 parties during the Democratic National Convention—this one thrown by AT&T tosupport Democrats who voted to grant the company immunity for illegal wiretapping of Americans.

Home prices drop by record amount in 2Q The 20-city index fell by 15.9 percent in June compared with a year ago, the largest drop sinceits inception in 2000. The 10-city index plunged 17 percent, its biggest decline in its 21-yearhistory.

Warnings to Russia from Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham John McCain's two most loyal supporters and most influential foreign policy advisers, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham, have an Op-Ed in The Wall St. Journal today proclaiming that "Russia's invasion of Georgia represents the most serious challenge to this political order since Slobodan Milosevic unleashed the demons of ethnic nationalism in the Balkans." Just as their neoconservative comrade, Fred Hiatt, does in today's Washington Post, Lieberman and Graham demand that the U.S. expend vast resources and assert itself both militarily and politically in order to thwart the New Russian Menace ("This means reinvigorating NATO as a military alliance, not just a political one . . . The credibility of Article Five of the NATO Charter — that an attack against one really can and will be treated as an attack against all — needs to be bolstered. . . .The Georgian military should be given the antiaircraft and antiarmor systems necessary to deter any renewed Russian aggression").

War With Russia Is On The Agenda Thinking about the massive failure of the US media to report truthfully is sobering. The United States, bristling with nuclear weapons and pursuing a policy of world hegemony, has a population that is kept in the dark—indeed brainwashed—about the most important and most dangerous events of our time.


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