Redistribution of Wealth Scheme from the Poorer to the Richest

The world was making money exporting to the U.S. Sure, they were exporting to each other as well. However, the U.S. still accounted for the gravy, as it were. They U.S. was borrowing to buy consumer goods. Now that the bubble has been intentionally popped, on orders by the superrich who were pre-positioned to take maximum advantage in the long run, the gravy won't return until the wealth of the lower and middle classes has been sucked out and transferred more to those same rich and also as a means of keeping down the otherwise rising lower classes.

Fundamental-Christian Political Economy Coming Out

Why though do I subtitle this post "Now Fundamental Economic Change is in the Wind (The Spirit)"? Well, unlike the days of Marxism, all of this information is being visited in light of the Gospels (something Marx dreaded, since that's where he got most of his ideas that he simply twisted to take credit). By viewing these things and learning about them through and directly on account of the Gospels, we are tying the knowledge to eternal moorings. By coming to understand political economy as fundamental to Christianity, we are forever altering the ability of the powers that be to obfuscate. This then reduces and will eventually eliminate their power to deceive and control.


The Christian political-economic model (the truth) is in head-to-head competition with those who have always sought to obfuscate and twist. What those others do not want is for people to see through them to their cores, their root as Jesus says. The root is either good or evil. That's how Jesus views it. Now, this is to be understood in both relative and absolute terms at the same time. The mind is capable of this if one suspends disbelief for awhile.

Relative and Absolute

In Christian terms, only God is perfectly good. We know that Jesus calls for souls to make of themselves good such that they bring forth only that which is good. Their fruit or their results are to be good, nothing rotten, nothing harmful. The rotten is also called dark. It has many other names all of which mean to impart the same understanding or wisdom. Error, false, dead, evil, sin, etc., all impart this same general idea. Jesus does categorize and prioritize these as well. He speaks of different unclean spirits and what is necessary to remove them. He can see them whereas they were invisible to the original Apostles. So you may see here that there is the absolute perfection that is God proper, and then there is everything relative to God (close, closer, closest, same, far, farther or further, farthest, and opposite). Ultimately, everything that is not same is opposite. That's the absolute. God though is generous and patient. God waits while we come to realize where we've gone wrong and to correct our direction. That pleases God.

Sin is No Pleasure

The enemies of the Christian Commons, however, do not want this. They seek to avoid the necessary conclusion. They do that in order to exist for a spell in a world of their own imagining where they may imagine they are enjoying evil. Paul called it the pleasures of sin. Jesus took no pleasure in sin however, and I rather concur with Jesus. We don't condemn Paul though. To condemn him or anyone else for that matter is to set ourselves up to being likewise judged for consistency. The problem then becomes trying to outthink God, which isn't possible. When they threw (seemingly to them) logical curves at Jesus, he always handled them and showed them up, which was their own fault. They murdered him for that and all the other reasons tied together.

Do No Violence, or Don't Escape the Wrath Against the Soul

Ultimately, the justification given by the violent for violent coercion is to remove something wrong. If doing that, using violence is right to remove a wrong, then if God can detect any wrong, violence them may be justified in removing the evil-doer. Who then may escape, since who is perfect but God? None may escape. Jesus said and still says that Jesus didn't come to judge and that neither does God judge. That's contrary to all the teaching I ever received until I started from scratch for myself and read it directly without the blinders on. Jesus says that if he were to judge, his judgment would be right though since he uses the standard of God. In other words, he sees the same errors God sees and he doesn't destroy the errors other than by speaking the truth about them. Then, the truth being out there in public, the very fact of that moves souls to let go of their wrong notions. They then are compelled by their own convicted consciences. They then truly know and appreciate and more likely retain and transmit that same knowledge and example of righteousness.

So, when one looks at the political economy put forth by the non-Christians (including those who call themselves Christians but are lying or just don't understand what Christianity truly is — have been misled, which includes the vast majority as of the time of this writing), one sees the absence in their system of those things called for in the here and now by Jesus.

Selfish Competition is Illogical

The political economy of the capitalists (as opposed to the Marxists, who are also gravely in error) is based upon selfish competition. Adam Smith qualified that by saying that morality is required. However, morality taken to its logical conclusion arrives at the position put forth by Jesus Christ, which does not include selfish anything in the sense-meaning intended by Adam Smith or any capitalists.

Who is the Self, and What is the Spectrum?

The self meant by Adam Smith and the Jewish laissez-faire Austrian School adherents and their rather sycophant ostensible Christian followers (Calvinists for the most part) is not the self known by knowing God and being one with God. It is rather the self apart from God, which is an illusory existence doomed to fall deeper and deeper into error leading to greater and greater death of the soul, pain and suffering, confusion, insanity, and all the rest of the opposite of Godliness and God proper. Marx falls into this self-apart-from-God trap as well. The laissez-faire capitalists and the Marxists are opposite ends on a spectrum of falsehood. Move either way on this spectrum and you get nowhere relative to God.

A Priori

Now, all errors flow from error as the a priori position. The root is the starting place. One doesn't arrive at the political economy of the state of being that exists in the New Heaven by building upon the constructs and premises of the false root or false foundation.

Ludwig von Mises: Apostle of Error

Right now, a dead man whose name was Ludwig von Mises is very popular with the self-apart-from-God set. The self-styled Christians among his followers refuse to drop Mises' tenets that run contrary to what is necessary to bring forth exactly what Jesus calls for in the here and now. They use their conceptions about the limitations of human nature to justify their adherence to Mises' anti-Christianity position. However, a reading of Jesus shows that Jesus says human beings are capable of overcoming the limitations insisted upon by the likes of the adherents of the Austrian School of Economics.

Human Nature Not Inherently Evil

Human nature is not inherently evil. The act of being born into the flesh does not render one automatically evil and apart from God. One is taught by society to distance oneself from righteousness. This is of course to be semantically understood in light of what I wrote above concerning the relative and the absolute. Jesus was whole flesh while he was also spirit at the same time. His root is God. He is rooted in God. God is his foundation. God is to Jesus as Jesus defines God. God is not to Jesus how others defined or define God.

No Coercion

God, the God of Jesus, is non-coercive. That God is my God. All other entities put forth by other human beings are false. They don't last. They don't hold up. That's my position. It is rational and reasonable. It is logical.


Of course, the flesh is prone to error. It is weak. However, one is not born of flesh absent also having a soul and spirit. The spirit is manifest in the flesh. For the materialists, such as Marx, there is no soul or spirit that transcends and predates and can outlast the flesh. For Jesus, the soul comes to reconnect with the source of all being, and if done sufficiently, which necessarily includes for the right self-as-part-of-God reason, then that soul goes on after the flesh. If done even more so, that flesh need not even die but be translated bypassing the death of the flesh. This is the meaning of Enoch and Elijah ascending before the death of the flesh.

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