In Surprise Move, McCain Taps Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as Running Mate

AMY GOODMAN: Many political analysts say McCain is hoping to capture alienated Hillary Clinton supporters, while reaching out to the evangelical right. Palin is a prominent member of Feminists for Life and has described herself as "pro-life as any candidate can be." She is also an active member of the National Rifle Association. On environmental issues, Palin supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, opposes the classification of polar bears as endangered species and believes humans have not caused global warning.

Ultra-Secretive Right-Wing Group Met In Minn. To Vet Palin
The top antichrist so-called Christian right-wing leaders in the U.S. met in top secret fashion to pick John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin.

Here's a woman who doesn't believe global warming is caused by greenhouse gases, primarily CO2, released by burning carbon fuel. Now, how is the U.S. ever going to do the right thing with such leadership? She's for drilling everywhere big oil wants to drill.
Gush Shalom congratulates the Barkan Wineries for leaving "Occupied Territories" with comment from Wineries to IMRA
Internet traffic begins to bypass the U.S.
Curb Your Enthusiasm for Obama

The Democrats, who promise to end the war in Iraq, create jobs and provide universal health care, ignore these promises once election cycles are over. And we never make them pay. They gave us NAFTA, the destruction of welfare and increased military spending, and we gave them our vote. This is the party that took back Congress in 2006 on an anti-war platform and then increased troop levels and funding for the Iraq war. This is a party that talks about the crushing weight of debt carried by Americans and then refuses to cap predatory interest rates as high as 30 percent imposed by credit card companies. This is a party that promises to protect our constitutional rights and then passes the FISA bill to protect the telecommunications companies. The list goes on.

Albright slams US handling of Georgia crisis
The thing here though is that Madeleine Albright is not being truthful about the Clinton administration's actions concerning Kosova/Kosovo. The claims at the time that perhaps 250,000 Muslims had been executed by Serbia never proved out. It was pure propaganda designed to stir up support in American public opinion — the same dung the Bush administration has engaged in endlessly.
Georgia admits dropping cluster bombs, says rights group
FACTBOX-Suspicious deaths of reporters in Russia
The untold story of India's floods

While other parts of India are prepared for the high waters brought by the annual monsoon, this sudden emergency took government and aid agencies by surprise. "It's an area that's not used to flooding. It's not flooded for at least 50 years, so people are not prepared for it," Hadfield says.

But in stark contrast to India's Monsoon floods last year, when the media beamed images of the suffering around the world, it seems the floods of 2008 risk becoming one of the year's untold aid stories.

"I'm absolutely staggered that it's not higher profile news," says Hadfield. "It's almost as if it's because it's happening every year. Even though it's affecting millions of people, it's not making the news. I find that quite sad."

Republicans Spurn McCain, Bush in Opposing Financial Bailouts
To hell with supply-side economics. Bring forth. We don't need competition. We don't need selfish interest. We need cooperation. We need unselfishness.
Lula suspends Brazil spy chiefs over phone taps
Amy Goodman, Others Detained Outside RNC
Amy Goodman Violently Arrested Today at RNC
This just serves to heighten awareness of the tactics of the fascists who are trying to shut down all dissent and reporting of it. The police are becoming one with the military and foreign intelligence services. The lines are disappearing. They send in their spies and worse, their agents provocateur to stir up trouble within otherwise peaceful groups. Then, when some people act out or when agents of the government dressed up like anarchists actually do damage and start riots, the police swoop in and abuse the peaceful demonstrators who are merely exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to assemble and ask for a redress of grievances.
Obama Offers a Beautifully Packaged Lie
This opinion piece goes on and on against Obama while it completely ignores all the negatives concerning McCain. It calls McCain a hero. Hogwash. He went to war on peasants after a false-flag operation. He bombed babies. He also spilled his guts, as they used to say, not that I hold with people toughing out torture. Back in that day though, it was expected until John McCain wimpped out, so to speak. At least John Wayne types thought so. McCain has changed almost all of his core positions in order to curry favor.

McCain has as many or more strikes against him than does Obama. Why are these one-sided opinion pieces given so much play? It's stupid.

I not for either one of them becoming the leader, but I'm not condemning either one of them either. I'm not throwing stones. I want universal repentance. I want to repent right along side of John and Barack, but they just don't want to. That's why this nation is a mess and will never rise again as it stands.
McCain Suggests Bush Has Endorsed Torture
So, John McCain says waterboarding is torture and that Bush used it, but he, McCain, voted against preventing the CIA from using it. Therefore, John McCain voted for torture even though he also claims to be against it.
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