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Hello Ian,

Well, I'm a Christian. As you know, people who call themselves that are usually instantly thought of as ranging from Reconstructionist and Dominionists to supporters of Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson. I don't fall on that spectrum. Bear with me here.

You're concerned about your sister and her boyfriend and the others and rightly so. You've used some excellent words, such as "empathy" and "cooperation." You've openly admitted to not having the answers. That's the tendency of a person who is basically trying to be honest.

I've read and thought in depth about anarchism. Tolstoy was a self-professing Christian Anarchist. I understand it, but it is an oxymoron in the final analysis.

The main issue a real Christian has with the brand of anarchy you've described is hypocrisy. Let me explain briefly.

You have explained that the idea isn't to protest for protest's sake but rather to (among other things) draw attention to the Iraq War. It was started by abject liars. You are completely right about that. However, breaking windows is coercive. It is aggressive. The point is that you don't want others breaking your windows, so don't do what you don't want done to you. Take it a step further, and do to others what you want, or ought to want, done to you, which is harmlessness and better yet, beneficence.

Falling to destruction of property raises the issue of where to draw the line. Will you destroy all the buildings in the village to save it? How many windows is it okay to break? The people will only harden their hearts.

Here's the deal. The state as it is, is not going to correct. You have said that Anarchists are good at building communities. Therefore, Anarchists, stop trying to correct the state. Go ahead and build your communities. Set the example. Turn and put all your energies into that.

I did say "harmlessness" above. That requires a concerted effort to be brutally honest with oneself.

Now, I'm against violent coercion or any other kind of forcing people against their wills, so I won't vote or engage in coercive acts to influence the violent state to side with anything because it would just turn around and force others to do my will if it were to heed me. The only thing I can do is call upon people within the system to change their hearts, in which case, they won't remain emotionally in that system.

The state isn't going to transform. It isn't going to take on a new wineskin to hold new wine or emotions. The current type of state is going to crash with billions in it. Too many Anarchists are in the roll of the Zealots of old. They want something different from what those Zealots wanted, but the Anarchists are facing the exact same crowd as did the Zealots and will meet with the same fate if the Anarchists don't turn from violence and destruction.

The window breaking is counterproductive. It turns off many who also hate the wars and occupations: Evil imperialism.

You may not believe, but God bless you regardless.

Tom Usher

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