The Gospel Of Self-Esteem

I read this post and left the following comment:

Hello Tony Cathey,

I enjoyed your post. I agree with it with the following qualifications:


There is Communism, and there is communism. There is Marxism and the one-party dictatorship of the proletariat, and then there is how the Apostles lived. It has not "been proven the world over to be an unworkable philosophy. It results in nothing but poverty." That's a falsehood perpetrated by the greedy liars, such as Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, and others. Voluntary change of heart to unselfishness requires the fruits of communism of the type Jesus taught and exemplified. There are hundreds of thousands of people living a giving-and-sharing economic life with most, and often all, things held in common as community property. The lying capitalists seek to make that truth a thought-terminating idea.

There is self and then there is Self. There is self apart from God, and then there is Self as part of God, even one with God the Holy Spirit.

There is materialistic evolution, and then there is theistic evolution.

Saints lead people to the cross (understanding what it is all about).

People aren't born with a negative self-image. Schuller is wrong. People are born as clean slates. They know nothing in the experiential sense. They know only the faith. Human beings become misled by the sin in the world.

"'What kind of psychology did Jesus use?' we might ask." Well, understand that the psyche is the soul and -ology is knowledge. Certainly Jesus knows more about the soul than anyone else did or does. Jesus was the best psychologist who ever lived and still lives. I take your point though that the "new" psychology is a distortion and misleading.

As for "little gods," you are right provided you are not saying that we are not to be one with God.

As for the Dominionists saying, "We are going to solve the problems of mankind," the only "we" who can do this is everyone in Christ in God and one. Unfortunately, the self-styled Dominionists are capitalists and often militants/militarists against the giving-and-sharing political economy of the New Heaven.

Also, concerning the Cross, be sure not to divorce it from the Resurrection and all the rest of the message. The cross is to put you in mind of the body and blood and of the right kind and degree of love and of service as the last, etc.

The proper self-esteem is to esteem being one with God. We approach God with humble and contrite hearts. We are the prodigals returning home.

The reason the humanists don't want to admit their sins is because they want to continue sinning. Putting the self apart from God last would mean giving everything over to the whole body of Christ that is the Real Church. They hate the implications of Jesus's real teachings.

God bless all with the whole truth.

Jimmy Swaggart doesn't teach it. He still preaches partial-truths. When he brings forth, then I'll know him.

Tom Usher

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