Clones' offspring may be in food supply: FDA
These greedy people are constantly testing the limits and tolerance of nature. We have seen all the pollution caused by the free market, a market without a conscience. Cloning animals is nearly brand new. They don't know what their doing. They're gambling with nature. They say there is no difference between cloned and not. That's a lie. Their attitude is that we all have to die sometime, so why worry so much. That's not the Golden Rule at all.

Also, as a Christian, death is a semantically loaded term; however, regardless of how that term is intended by the careless cloners, they really don't have the right to reduce the health of the planet for the sake of their short-term gain in mammon. Even if they make what appears to them to be progress in feeding people, etc., it must be weighed against the alternatives that are definitely better and long term.

"We refuse to serve in the Israeli occupation"
Jewish high school students in Israel showing humanity

Russia also used cluster bombs against Georgia in South Ossetia War. I reported yesterday that Georgia had used them. (I'm sorry, but I didn't record the link. It was both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International if memory serves.)

Putin's Ruthless
The Bush Administration Falters in a Geopolitical Chess Match
By Michael T. Klare

It is hard not to conclude that Russian prime minister goaded the rash Saakashvili into invading South Ossetia by encouraging Abkhazian and South Ossetian irregulars to attack Georgian outposts and villages on the peripheries of the two enclaves.

He based this upon a New York Times article that was nothing but buying into the White House propaganda.

Vincent and Pauline Matherick : Foster Parents Who Refused to Teach Homosexuality resign
Look at what is happening: Decay. Foster parents are being required to teach children that homosexuality is okay. This is all based upon false science. "Homosexuals: What they ignore."

Freedom from religious persecution is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution; however, the homosexual agenda is stepping on freedom of religion. The Mathericks are being discriminated against on account of their religion.

Palin's Church May Have Shaped Controversial Worldview
First Jeremiah Wright became an issue, because the so-called right-wing doesn't like his politics. Well, I don't hold 100% with Jeremiah, but he wasn't all wrong. I wrote several posts about him. You can do a site search on Jeremiah Wright (click the phrase-search box) to read those posts.

Then John Hagee stepped on some toes: Roman Catholic. He backed off in a hurry but couldn't explain his way out of other comments that Hitler was the instrument of God so that the Jews would end up back in control of Jerusalem and much more. Of course, John is thinking Old Testament.

God hardened Pharaoh's heart. The Jews were let go, and Pharaoh was crushed. Well, Hitler's heart was hardened. He punished the Jews. The Jews though were finally let go, and Hitler and the Germans were crushed for a while. John can't simply say this and stand by it, because he's first and foremost a secular political type, yes, secular. He's not really a man of God. It's show for the dollars.

Now, here comes Ed Kalnins, Sarah Palin's small-town pastor before she went to the capital as the governor of Alaska. This Kalnins is a Reconstructionist/Dominionist. He calls himself a Christian, but he's for war. It's nonsense. Jesus was not for war. This guy worships Mars, not God, not Jesus. He thinks, as does Sarah Palin, that the Iraq War is a Holy War rather than a grab for oil, natural gas, and unholy, worldly Empire. Ed Kalnins is no Christian, not even close.

He says people who stand against George W. Bush are going to Hell. I don't stand with George W. Bush. I stand against his policies and practices. There is no such thing as a conservative, Republican Christian. There is no such thing as a militarist Christian. There is no such thing as a capitalist Christian. By the way, there is also no such thing as a homosexual Christian, just in case you think I'm being inconsistent.

Patrick Cockburn: White House strategy is to help McCain win in November

The surge is promoted as the strategy by which the tide was turned and it is true that the Sunni uprising against the US occupation has largely ended.
But it has done so for reasons that have little to do with the surge or American actions of any kind. Crucial to the success of the government against the Mahdi Army has been the support of Iran. It is they who arranged for the Shia militiamen to go home.

The Iranians bought time.

Don't forget, the U.S. is supposedly stopping the payment of $300 a month per militia fighter. Those people who stop receiving the money will turn to other activities not directed by the U.S. The U.S. has not won the hearts and minds of the Iraqis (Sunni or Shia). What will those militants do for their money?

Govt, India Inc plan to farm land abroad
So, you see here that governments are going to buy up farmland. This is what the collective Church ought to have started doing already no matter how tight the economy. We need to come together in the Holy Spirit to bring forth the Christian Commons Project™.

U.S. Special Forces Strike In Pakistan
Rare Use Of Ground Forces Stokes Pakistani Ire, May Indicate High-Value Target
The U.S. has put ground troops into Pakistan in a violent assault. The Bush administration is attempting to widen the war. It is also about the election. Obama has been critical of the Bush administration for not focusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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