The Latter Rain: Fundamentalism versus Pentecostalism: Heresy Issues, Etc.

This is an interesting page that explains a great deal about the Latter Day Movement in Christianity. Just to be clear, the RLCC agrees with much of Pentecostalism. Where we diverge concerns speaking in tongues as the Pentecostals define the term. We believe in the account in Acts, but we believe they were speaking in native tongues: National tongues that all people from the given nations would understand without needing any interpretation allowed for by Paul in his version of tongues that is most certainly not the same thing as what occurred at the Pentecost, the fiftieth day after the Resurrection.

To be further clear, not all Pentecostals believe in the unintelligible form of tongues either.

Azusa Street Revival

William M. Branham

Comcast appeals FCC Web traffic-blocking decision

On October 1, 2008, Comcast plans to limit residential customer downloads to 250 gigabytes a month. They say that represents 50 million e-mails [what size?] or 125 standard-definition movies [most people would prefer hi-res].

So-called governmental officials involved in the city's (Minneapolis) handling of the Republican National Convention have been repeating the idea that a few "anarchists" disrupted the peaceful protest activities of people around the convention. While it is true that there are people who call themselves anarchists who do engage in property destruction, the vast majority do not. Most anarchists are in fact pacifists.

Anarchists were given a bad name as the direct result of the extreme capitalistic forces operating the attorney generals office under Palmer and his assistant, J. Edgar Hoover, who went on to become the lifetime director of the FBI. Anarchists were framed with the crimes of a few, who may very well have been agents of the government or incited by such agents (a very common tactic of the FBI and others). Also, as I've stated before in earlier posts, the government of the U.S., which now has melded local law-enforcement under the Nazi term "Homeland Security" into one system spanning the globe, does send in agents provocateurs (agents whose job it is to provoke violence).

As to the repeated statement by the officials, the truth is that many peaceful protesters with no agitators or militant anarchists involved were unconstitutionally attacked (which means unlawfully) by the Minneapolis police. Many were pepper sprayed, Maced, subjected to concussion grenades, beaten, thrown down, dragged, handcuffed, bloodied, and arrested all while engaging in completely constitutionally protected activities. It's on video, clear and plain.

Also, the police have arrested people with no legitimate cause for such arrests. They have arrested them solely to disrupt dissent, to intimidate, to hold people illegally until after the convention is over. Also, Ramsey County (the county of Minneapolis) Attorney Susan Gaertner has said that she is charging 8 people (who reportedly have no criminal record of violence) with conspiracy to commit riot in the second degree. There is no evidence of which we've been made aware supporting the charges. The charges it has been reported stem from the activities of others outside the group to which the 8 we are assuming belong, namely the RNC Welcoming Committee.

For more information, visit the DemocracyNow! website.

Biden: Israel's decisions must be made in Jerusalem, not D.C.

Joe Biden said, America will "always stand by Israel, without telling Israelis what they can and cannot do." Well, that's a sweeping statement. If pressed, one would hope Joe Biden would openly admit that he would not support Israel were Israel to launch a preemptive strike on Iran where there is nothing more than fear or longing in the hearts of Israelis and no concrete, verifiable evidence of Iranian international illegality, which so far there has not been.

Who Started the War in Georgia? by Andrew Purvis. Time magazine.

Some people writing for big publications either don't get it or are just propagandists. The U.S. CIA budget (the non-black budget, meaning the one we get to hear about) is some 30 billion dollars a year. That's just the CIA. Then there's the NSA and the DIA and the State Departments own intelligence branch. There's more though. There's also the black budget. The black budget comes out of illegal activities engaged in by the intelligence services. Mostly it comes out of just failing to account for funds allocated to the intelligence and military. It comes from redirecting the funds while deliberately ending the audit trail.

Recently, the U.S. has been exposed for lie after lie after lie, for forgery after forgery, for this covert operation and that covert operation around the globe. Yet, here we have a person writing in Time magazine that there is no evidence that the U.S. was behind the Georgian attacks on South Ossetia.

The U.S. and Israelis have funded the Georgians by billions. They equipped them. They trained them. They had high ranking officials in the military and intelligence services in Georgia. The U.S. has obviously been trying to stir up more and more boogiemen to justify its Military-Industrial Complex. It has plans to install advance radar in the Czech Republic and antiballistic missiles (ABMs) in Poland (unilaterally breaking the ABM Treaty) and it has expanded NATO to Russia's doorstep all against earlier promises not to. It is threatening to end the U.N. to form a League of Democracies to exclude Russia and China and others who won't knuckle under to the U.S.

In spite of all that, Andrew Purvis would have us believe that there is no evidence. The U.S. just finished war exercises with Georgia right before the invasion of Georgia into South Ossetia.

Exactly what the U.S. wanted has happened. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili invaded. The Russians moved in to protect South Ossetia from U.S. hegemony. Now the U.S. neocons are screaming that Russia is the boogieman.

The only way Andrew Purvis could be right would be if there were no struggle by the U.S. to become the global Empire. Everything that has been happening says he's wrong.

You shall know them by their fruits.

The U.S. isn't in the Black Sea with a fleet and it isn't investing another billion dollars in the area because it is disappointed in Mikheil Saakashvili's actions.

There is a great deal of winking going on, and no amount of obfuscation or blindness by Andrew Purvis is going to cover that over.

The neocons are worried about American public opinion. That's why all the stories about how Georgia did it alone and Israel makes its own decisions. That's so when Israel attacks Iran, neocons hope against hope that Americans won't know full well that the U.S. gave a green light.

It's all Machiavellianism. Anyone who doesn't believe that or know that is gullible or ignorant or both.

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