Candidate who wants Olmert's job once 'sought deaths of 70 Palestinians a day'
By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem
Friday, 1 August 2008

If this is true, and we have no reason to disbelieve it at this point, it is a very sad state of affairs that this person is in consideration by anyone to lead Israel.

What is as bad or worse is that Benjamin Netanyahu of the fascist Likud Party is the leading candidate in Israel to take over as Prime Minister. Any nation that chooses Benjamin Netanyahu to lead it in light of all the recent revelations about the evils of the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire deserves its self-appointed fate.

Friday, September 5, 2008
Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is "Racist, Sexist, Vindictive And Mean
Charley James
The Progressive Curmudgeon

Is Sarah Palin a racist? We aren't for malicious gossip. We're against it. None of what is written though is inconsistent with conservative Republicanism in general, of course. Why would anyone expect Sarah Palin to be any different from other conservative Republicans? I use the term conservative here in a blended neocon and paleocon sense.

What is to be expected from anyone who thinks the invasion of Iraq, that everyone knows was based on lies made up from whole cloth, is a Holy War and occupation, a medieval Christian Crusade? What is to be expected from anyone who prays to God for corporatist oil and gas pipelines for Alaska or elsewhere? What is to be expected from anyone who thinks global warming isn't human induced from burning carbon-based fuels? What is to be expected from anyone who thinks Alaska's polar bear population isn't endangered by excessive selfish-human activity?

Isn't this woman in bed with the oil corporations all the way and over the real needs of the poor and planetary wellbeing in general?

She comes from a church where the pastor said anyone who isn't for George W. Bush is going to Hell. She hasn't denounced that. Here's Bush who has lied and lied and lied about 9/11, terrorism, war, weapons, torture, spying, law, the environment, taxes, and more, and yet John McCain is attracting the same voters for the same reasons really.

There's John McCain who it is said was tortured and who said that he is opposed to torture but who couldn't bring himself to stand against the CIA's continuing use of torture.

What kinds of people torture people? Sick people is the answer. John McCain and the rest of them are saying "Country First." No, it's God First. Anyone who says "Country First" is lost in the dark and incapable of leading anyone into the light.

I'm not for or against Barack Obama any more than I'm for or against John McCain. What nonsense it is though to point to the Alaskan National Guard for purposes of stating that Sarah Palin is ready to command the Pentagon. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there is any such thing as being prepared to command the Pentagon. I want the Pentagon to disappear, and it will. I wish it were already gone. The point though is that it's ridiculous to point to the Alaskan National Guard as preparatory. All governors have that background, and Alaska has a tiny population to boot. Also, the idea that because Russia is across the Bering Strait from Alaska, Palin somehow has foreign-policy experience is likewise ludicrous. Regardless though, foreign-policy experience means nothing if the person is wrong-hearted. What matters is ultimate intelligence, not just experience.

Nearly 600,000 Subject to Possible Caging in Ohio
How many voter-registration mass mailers are "returned to sender" in the run-up to Election Day may determine how many Ohio residents are eligible to vote.
By: David Rosenfeld | September 05, 2008

A single returned piece of mail is not a reliable basis for challenging the right to vote," Judge said. "Mail may be returned for many reasons, including errors in the database from which the mailing is derived, errors in the mailing labels, failure to include an apartment number or poor matching criteria. — Donita Judge, Ohio staff attorney for the nonprofit Advancement Project.

From a purely secular standpoint, how can the system rightly deregister voters based upon undeliverable mail? Many people do temporary forwarding addresses. Many people live in more than one place but have legal voting rights in just one of those places. Before anyone is removed from any voter registration rolls, there need to be other steps taken to insure that the removal doesn't remove someone who has done nothing wrong.

Oil's fall beats inflation threat
By Carl Weinberg
Wed Sep 3, 9:35 AM ET

So, oil prices are coming down just in time to help the incumbent party in the White House. That was predicted. If the incumbent is oil-giant friendly, it's a given that high prices will fall for the election. Then what will happen right after the election? Will Iran get clobbered? Is that the plan? They don't want to do it before the election, because it would make so many people extremely more upset with the Republicans.

In storm-battered Haiti, humanitarian crisis as 500 are killed
by Daphne Benoit
Sat Sep 6, 7:57 PM ET

Poor Haiti, the people are so poor that they eat mud pies just to stave off hunger pangs. They suffer storm after storm, all made worse due to deforestation. The roots of trees hold the land in place from becoming mudslides. The trees and other forest vegetation also suck up rain water. Without the trees, it's Hell.

Also, Haiti has been kicked around by the U.S. and France for centuries. It's the poorest nation in the Americas, but the U.S. just kicks it down every time anyone there tries to lift it up even a little. Why is that? Is it just pure racism or what?

So there they are, dying or living in abject poverty and suffering from voodoo superstitions, etc., while America is responsible for more global warming than is any other nation so far and the cause therefore of the increasing violence of the hurricanes bearing down on Haiti. Will the people of Haiti ever get a break? Pray for them.

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