Former FBI Agent and ACLU Counsel: St. Paul Police Behavior Is 'Frightening'
By: David Neiwert Wednesday September 3, 2008 2:25 pm

The part that really bothers me is the focus on people who are simply documenting what is happening. That is troublesome, because there is guidance being published by the Los Angeles Police Department, which has since been endorsed by the Department of Justice, called "suspicious activity reporting," that essentially endorses targeting anyone who would document police activity as potential terrorist threats.

This is a deceptive tactic by fascists. They call it suspicious and possibly related to terrorism when anyone captures police brutality on video.

US military trained Georgian commandos
By Charles Clover in Moscow and Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington
Published: September 5 2008 18:49 | Last updated: September 5 2008 18:49

Russia says that at least 133 civilians died in the attack, as well as 59 of its own peacekeepers, according to figures released this week.

In response Russia launched a mass invasion and aerial bombardment of Georgia, in which 215 Georgians have died, including 146 soldiers and 69 civilians.

The loss of life is dreadful; however, it is obviously wrong of the U.S. neocons to be calling Russia's action "disproportionate." It is especially wrong in light of the U.S. Iraq War and occupation and attacks on Afghani and Pakistani civilians and also allowing Israel to shower Lebanon with cluster bombs and on and on.

And Then We Will Die
By Angie Riedel
06/09/08 "ICH "

They are madmen who should be behind bars, locked in padded cells and given injections of anti-psychotic drugs and sedatives. They should be watched 24 hours a day and kept in locked rooms for their own safety as well as the safety of this world. For if these men and their obvious aims of destruction are not stopped, if they are not confronted, exposed and brought to the light of day, if they are not prevented from continuing their insane goals of death to the whole world, they will without any doubt succeed.

There is a great deal of truth in the piece; however, it just falls short of grasping. The evil ones are coercive. Unfortunately, to lock them behind bars in padded cells and to give them injections of anti-psychotic drugs and sedatives is also coercive. The answer isn't in this approach. The answer rather lies in softening hearts. What these people lack is love within and from without. They are broken by evil. Only righteousness can heal them. The article talks about righteousness, but then trips into unrighteousness. It falls to hypocrisy in the end. It is almost a study in everything I've written on this site less ultimate consistency. It is almost as if it is deliberately designed as an attempt to mask as much as possible its underlying error that is the exact same error of those against whom it purports to stand.

Don't fall to violence to end violence. That path has been tried for thousands of years. It's the slippery slope that has brought us to the current evil state of affairs. No, it is time for total pacifism, for once.

Political Economy: Drawing a Finer Line
By John Cranford, CQ Columnist
Sat Sep 6, 11:19 PM ET

The most recent statistics from the Census Bureau make a compelling case for Congress to consider this idea — if only because the number of poor people is still so large. In 2007, almost 37.3 million Americans had less income than what is currently defined as the poverty line. That was an increase of 816,000 over the previous year, and the share of the population that was poor rose a year ago to 12.5 percent from 12.3 percent.
Separate figures from the Department of Agriculture show that more than 28.4 million people collected food stamps this past May, an 8 percent increase over a year earlier, further evidence that the needy population is large and growing.

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