The following is a reply to which I wish to draw greater attention:

Hello Tony,

You are welcome for the comment I left on your site. Thank you for taking the extra step of commenting over here and for stating that you like this website.

I read your clarifying post concerning the Cross and Resurrection. I too believe that the Crucifixion was the climax. There is no greater love. The Resurrection is the result or fruit. The Cross and Resurrection are inextricable. Taking up the Cross is love and is resurrection or resurrecting. I know these things are not lost on you.

We come from different backgrounds (hopefully not different roots though in the Gospel sense). Touching on semantics can only help us to bridge gaps.

I see that you are quite Pauline. I have difficulty with many people who are Pauline (some things in the Epistles and more importantly some people's selective interpretations ignoring the words of Christ); however, I find in your approach more bridging language not falling into greed, violence, or sexual depravity. Of course, I haven't read your entire site. Perhaps you hold with those things to some degree. I do not.

Yes, I did understand that when you were speaking about "little gods," you were referring to egoists calling themselves Christians and who also line their pockets from the funds of those they dupe and lead astray. I'm glad you are out there in public standing up against them. Of course, you are not judging or condemning them but rather calling souls to turn from the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, the Benny Hinns and Kenneth Copelands of the world do have creative power in their spoken word. The problem is that they speak evil (falsehood) into the world. You were referring to that they hold themselves out as having the power of Jesus. It is up to us to speak the other direction from theirs, which it appears to me you are doing. In the end, of course, only righteousness has power. That's the whole point.

As for our knowing each other, it is only via the social-networking sites to which we both belong that we've made contact. This is our first correspondence or communication other than "friending" and the like on the social-networking sites.

I'm glad I came across to you as polite and personable. I've had people come here leaving comments that I should be more polite. Of course, those people jumped into the middle of firm debates concerning greed or homosexuality ("Homosexuals: What they ignore") and other harmful behavior that all people may choose to stop if they will accept the Holy Spirit into their hearts.

Furthermore, I used your name, Tony Cathey, because I checked to see what there is about you on your site and it's better for me to think of people by their (what the social networks call) real names rather than their handles or user names or screen names, etc. It's just less contrived. Those nicknames though are often revealing. Contrivance is a major problem. We need to be real.

Well, I'm glad so far to have made your acquaintance. I say "so far" not because I expect to be disappointed but simply to acknowledge that not all people turn out as they first wish to appear.

We both know that Jesus was amazed by people in both directions. He was amazed by both lack of belief and great belief. If Jesus can be amazed by how people react and turn out, who am I not to be also? Of course, that does not mean that the Holy Spirit doesn't reveal secrets about the future. I am not one who believes that the gifts from God have been switched to off since the first generation of Christians. The Spirit is everything that has true significance, true in the way Jesus uses the term. If it is off, nothing signifies.

I've move this comment reply from comments to elevate its visibility. This site is a "Do-Follow" site, meaning that the major search engines are instructed to follow the links in the comments section. However, to-date, most sites are not "Do-Follow." Public posts though are almost always set with instructions to the major search engines to follow the links. Many sites also use the posts' rss feeds to build their databases. Comments are usually not included. Therefore, mentioning our sites in our posts with a links will only help us in our networking to spread the semantical understanding.

There is no reason not to reply to people via posts as opposed to comments only. We don't want the thread of a conversation to become impossible or too inconvenient to follow, so there is a trade off that is a judgment call.

Lastly, thank you for your patience in waiting for this reply. I'm working on a number of projects simultaneously. No doubt, so are you. The length of time it takes me to respond is not necessarily indicative of the weight I place on a matter.

Well, may God bless you, Tony, with more and more light as you go forward into the future.

Perhaps we can collaborate more and more as time goes by. Let's see how much we can arrive at seeing things eye-to-eye.

Point me in the direction of where I might learn more about you. Do you attend a particular church? I know of none that agree on all three points: Giving and sharing all, total pacifism, and sexual harmlessness versus greed, violence, and sexual depravity. Are you a member of a certain denomination? I've started the RLCC to further the three points I've mention among other things and reasons.

Your friend in Jesus,

Tom Usher

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