So, Sarah Palin is in favor of abstinence-only education and opposed to sex education, in favor of teaching creationism, opposed to abortion, and opposed to same-sex marriage. She's the new darling of the self-styled conservative, Republican Christians.


Well, abstinence is a good thing to teach, but it's difficult for children when they are inundated with sexuality across-the-board in public culture. Teaching the use of condoms does put ideas in their heads. The question is do loose people want company? Yes, they do. The problem is that education stops where it does. When they bring up condoms, all the rest needs to be brought up as well (all the negatives).


Teaching that there are people who believe in Creationism as the Fundamentalist Christians define it is just part of being educated. There are many stories about creation. Of course, Creation didn't come out from the "scientific method." The self-styled Fundamentalist Christians, who push it as if it did, give Christians a bad reputation.


Abortion is a bad thing. What is also bad is that there are so many people who make abortion their main issue while doing little to nothing about all the children in the world living in misery. The fastest way to get people not to want to have abortions is by taking care of the children who are already born. Regardless, Christians cannot coerce others regarding sin. Turning away from evil is a choice that the individual must make freely without human coercion.

As for the arguments of pro-abortionists, the reason all the problems they cite exist is because of the general and specific levels of selfishness throughout society. If humanity were to turn away from all forms of selfishness, all the problems would eventually lift.

Homosexual Marriage

Same-sex marriage is an oxymoron. "Homosexuals: What they ignore."

Militarism, Militant Crusades, Corporatism

Besides the above, Sarah Palin is a militarist (proclaiming the Iraq War a holy war), capitalist for the poor and perhaps socialist for the superrich, a corporatist (praying for gas pipelines), and who knows what else.

Capitalism, Environmentalism

There are no such things as militant Christians or capitalist Christians. There is also no such thing as an anti-environmentalist Christian. That's because one cannot practice the Golden Rule while destroying the planet that is the home of one's neighbors.

Free Exercise, Duty

This post isn't about campaigning for or against Sarah Palin for vice president relative to anyone else. The whole secular system is on trial. This is just the free exercise of religion and duty of Christianity to warn everyone that the worldly system of hypocrisy is doomed. Turn to the real Gospel message of giving and sharing all, complete pacifism, and perfectly harmless sexuality. If it is coercive or harmful, it's selfish and evil.

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