Jesus was a Communist
Posted by Daniel Gilland
September 7, 2008

All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need. (Acts 2:44-45)

Ok, maybe not a communist, but, you read a scripture like the one above and it'll challenge some of your mindsets. Basically, the Christians here took care of any other Christian in need. You kind of even have a utopian society at work here (to put it in todays terms). Sounds nice, very appealing. I can understand why a communist ideal would be formed. You want everyone to be on the same level, walking together in unity, having the same advantages/disadvantages.

There is quite a difference between communists and Christians though, and His name is Jesus. The center of communism, when it's boiled down, is individualism. The center of true Christianity is Jesus. The reason this works in a Christian society is because people are not focused on themselves. They're focused on Jesus and the life of sacrifice He lived. They then live lives of sacrifice as well for the common good. This only works in a selfless society.

Coincidentally, this is also why I understand, yet disagree with the notion of socialized or universal healthcare. It's a great thought, everyone getting the help they need, I get that. I don't believe that will work here in America, though, because we are not by any means a selfless society and we haven't by and large put Jesus first as a society. Without these key ingredients you're mixing up a recipe not just for failure but disaster.

My reply:

Hello All,

Of course it's communist. There is no difference between communists and Christians. The center of communism is not individualism.

The problem with what you've written here is that it wrongly builds upon Marxist corruption of the full concept (whole truth) of community property or Church property. The Church is all of its members as one, the whole body of Christ. It is intended to be the "real" state rather than the secular abomination that is the current so-called government (coercive). Jesus forced nobody into the faith or into the house of God. The American founders (U.S. Constitution) left no choice. You either join or are punished by human hand.

When we pray for Heaven to come to Earth, which we do in the Lord's Prayer, we pray for God's government for the here and now, which is perfect love, as Jesus showed (nothing contrary to the Golden Rule, as Jesus imparts it).

Marxism was never communism in its fulfilled sense (real sense). Jesus fulfilled. His sense-meanings are the ones we are to apply. Will you help me? You would be benefiting everyone immensely were you to change from using the terms as corrupted and begin using them in the way Jesus's message clearly implies.

We aren't to be putting bitter for sweet. Marxism is bitter and is not real communism. It is not perfect. Only the perfect is real in Christian terms. Everything less than perfect contains falsehood leading to the misdirection of the soul away from God. Jesus is the real bread, as opposed to the manna that fell from the sky and the commonly understood bread we eat primarily for the sake of the flesh.

As for socialized or universal healthcare not working in America because we are not by any means a selfless society, rather than putting it that way, why aren't you calling for all Americans to become completely voluntarily unselfish?

Your language is defeating. It is resigned to not overcoming; however, Jesus calls upon us to shine the light, to lift up with enthusiasm and encouragement. Why resign Americans to some false notion that human nature is immutable? It isn't true. I've changed radically on account of the message. If it can happen to me, then why can't it happen to others as well, even to everyone?

It seems you have underlying selfish reasons not to favor these things. Shouldn't you search your soul for why you withhold? Have you bought into capitalism as preached by those who rejected, and reject, Christ's commandments that we be one sharing all, such as the following?

Friedrich von Hayek
Margaret Thatcher
Milton Friedman (monetarist)
Ludwig von Mises
Murray Rothbard
Ronald Reagan (military Keynesian)
Ayn Rand
Alan Greenspan (monetarist)
Ron Paul (doesn't spread the giving-and-sharing-all message of Jesus)
Robert Nozick
The Cato Institute
Reason Magazine
Capitalism Magazine (
The John Birch Society
Walter Williams
and many others

All of the above put forth coercion as a means of driving others into their ideological beliefs. It is hypocrisy. Jesus does not do it. No one is force to enter the house of Jesus. Once in, each must live up to the ideal or will find the house disappearing around him or her. Jesus and God don't force people, but they rightly set the standard for remaining within.

Jesus is a communist. He lives and still teaches Christianity, that is the real communism, through the Holy Spirit.

God bless all,

Tom Usher



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