Iranian Parliament Approves Death Penalty For Apostasy
by lawhawk
Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If this is true, and we have no reason to dispute it, it reinforces my repeated statement that Islam is afraid to go against Christianity (real Christianity) on the merits.

Mohammed claimed Jesus as a real prophet; however, Mohammed had to make up a bunch of stuff about Jesus so Mohammed could go on about his business that was robbing on a grand scale while speaking inconsistencies and hypocrisy on a local, more personal level between and amongst Arabs who would knuckle under to him for the sake of worldly Empire wrapped in the false spirit held out to be God.

It is a truly weak spirit that must murder people, intimidate them, threaten them, in order to continue dominating souls.

I'm not for bombing Iran though. Christians are to do toward their enemies (the Islamic leaders of Iran are my spiritual enemies) as Christians want to be treated. Christians are to set the example. I am setting it now by speaking truth to Muslims to warn them away from the falsehood that is militancy. It is an act of loving kindness to warn others away from the proverbial bottomless pit and lake of fire.

Putting converts to Christ to death is exactly playing right into the hands of those in the U.S. who want to wipe out the Iranian leadership. It is fuel for the Likudniks. Freedom of religious exercise is part of the U.S. Bill of Rights. If Iranian Islam spreads to threaten the U.S. Bill of Rights, then Iranian Islam will be seen as an existential threat. It will be seen as a greater evil that the act of wiping out the Iranian regime. That's how it is on the mundane level. Iran would be vastly better off to declare religious freedom.

This is in no way to suggest that in the U.S. there is true religious freedom. There is no doubt though that in this matter, the U.S. has the lesser evil.

Tom Usher

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