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I've been working cleaning up the site — reorganizing and enhancing, etc.

Getting all of the different browsers to see things mostly the same way is a major ordeal. Internet Explorer (IE) is the toughest one to tame. I've learned now to work on it first, because once it sees things the way I want (as much as possible), all the other browsers are there automatically. IE is the last one to catch on.

WordPress Sidebars

So, now I have 6 sidebars installed in WordPress. If you look at the site though, you still see only three columns. The thing is, sidebars can be anywhere a widget can be installed or anywhere that PHP can run on a page. I have three sidebars in the right column for instance. One is for the login and registration section. Another is for showing the Entrecard droppers without any rss icon (and without bullets and without indentation — those aspects are handled by html, style classes in css). The last is reserved for rss incoming feeds I have yet to complete. I just have to decide which feeds to feature.

There are tutorials on the Web about changing WordPress themes to handle multiple sidebars. If your theme is already widget ready, which isn't difficult to set up, just changing one number on the functions page will give you more sidebars to work with in your widgets administration page.


will give you 6 sidebars, because the first sidebar doesn't require any number. 5 means 5 additional sidebars.

Then you can call those sidebars anywhere in your theme.

<?php if ( function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && dynamic_sidebar(5) ) : else : ?>
<?php endif; ?>

The 5 here means sidebar number 6 on your widgets admin page. You'll have to tweak your theme and css to make things appear the way you want them.

The sidebar template (file) in your theme will be used (if you delete it, your sidebars won't be called by WordPress), but it won't be read unless you keep its formatting and content in the loop. I did not.

Here's one of those tutorials that keeps the contents and formatting of the sidebar templates in the loop. I hope what I've written won't confuse things too much. What I've told you is a shortcut leaving out creating sidebar templates for each sidebar.

Internet Explorer Redraw Problem

Back to IE, the biggest problem with IE though is that it doesn't redraw the screen until it's completely done loading all of the page elements. I don't want to give up all the Javascript applications coming in offsite just so people won't give up waiting for IE to show anything at all on screen. However, I may have to do some trimming, because I get tired of waiting for it all myself when testing in IE.

Well, I just did some of that trimming. Wow, the site does load much faster, although it's still too slow in my book. I can't afford a faster server though just yet. I'm rethinking about making money for the Church though.

Funding the Commons

I have been making just enough to keep it going and spending as much time as possible on content and networking. Well, I've slowed up on content over the last week to focus on cleaning up things that just couldn't be put off. Now I'm thinking about earning more money myself to plow into the Church and Christian Commons Project™ since I'm not getting any help yet from donors. When will people see the light that the secular state is irreparably broken?

Pool Resources

Christians need to pool all of our resources and put our sweat equity into the Commons for the unselfish sake of all. Do you agree? If you don't, then what kind of life is waiting for you by your own standard?

God and Jesus want the Christian Commons to be brought forth.


I checked out Google Chrome. I already had Google Gears installed.

When I went to the WordPress admin pages and followed the Turbo link on the toolbar, Gears installed on my computer all the Javascripts used by WordPress. Then when I reloaded Chrome and did some surfing around in WordPress admin, it was manyfold faster at popping the menus, etc. I use Javascript menus in WordPress in case you're wondering what I'm talking about. Ozh makes a plugin that does that. WordPress 2.7 is supposed to have it as a built-in feature.

I tried the left margin menu but I didn't care for the look. People talk about all the scrolling they have to do to get to the top of WordPress to the menu. Why don't they use key commands? I use Ctrl Home and Ctrl End without even thinking about it. I use Page Up and Page Down automatically too. I do use scrollbars when I need to of course.

A few days ago, I wrote about how I've been having problems dropping Entrecards using Opera. I tried dropping with Chrome. It never failed. That made things easier. Chrome works well. It gets tired too soon of waiting for scripts to finish. Otherwise, it seems to be as good at surfing around as any of the other browsers, perhaps better. We shall see.

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