What's been happening?


The U.S. has increased its attacks on Afghanistan. What good does that do? Is it helping anyone really? It is not. All it does is add to pain and suffering.

Let us remember that the U.S. Bush administration invaded Afghanistan because Osama bin Laden was said by the administration to have been responsible for the 9/11 attacks. However, I keep running into reminders that the U.S. FBI does not have Osama bin Laden on its Ten Most Wanted List specifically for 9/11 in spite of a supposed video confession, because the FBI openly states there is no firm evidence linking bin Laden to 9/11.

In addition, we must also remember that the Taliban offered to work out a deal concerning bin Laden, which deal the U.S. intentionally ignored because it was the neocons planned all along to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq regardless.

Also, Bob Gates has finally apologized for the U.S. killing some 90 civilians after the U.S. figured it out that the world wasn't buying the lie that the U.S. military was pushing that only some 5 people were recently murdered in the attack. Gates isn't losing any sleep over the dead women and children though. He's not repenting and he is certainly not atoning.


The U.S. has attacked people on Pakistani territory supposedly without Pakistani okay. Well, since when (after George W. Bush's coup) does the world's superpower need anyone's okay to do anything?

We were all told well in advance that the U.S. would be attacking unilaterally regardless of Pakistan's desire. It was common knowledge amongst news junkies.

Now the Pakistanis have reportedly taken to shooting at U.S. troops coming from U.S. helicopters transporting them to Pakistan. If the whole world were to take that attitude, the U.S. would be incapable of responding short of nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction.

Hurricanes and Bailouts

The hurricane season has been fairly hard. It's payback for greed. It's payback for selfishness and thoughtlessness. It's global warming paying back. While all these things go wrong, the powers that be are focused upon bailing out those at the top who have intentionally failed so they may be bailed out and buy up more market share (further consolidate). Capitalism is about monopoly of course. Those at the top won't allow the corrupt system to fail, as it would have already otherwise done.

Off-Shore Oil Drilling

Maybe the oil platform damage from the hurricane season will open some eyes that off-shore oil drilling for carbon-based fuel, which gives rise to global warming, which gives rise to damaging hurricanes which damage off-shore drilling platforms causing just another serious form of pollution is a dumb, dumb, dumb idea.

There are many people who pooh-pooh the connection between evil or sin and evil consequences. They're being stupid. There is a direct connection. There always has been.

Financial Crisis

Well, I wrote and wrote about its coming. Now it's here.

John McCain has been forced by electoral politics to change course in midstream saying, "The top of our economy is broken. We've seen self-interest, greed, irresponsibility, and corruption undermine the hard work of the American people. It's time to set things right, and I promise to get the job done as your president."

No matter how terrible capitalism is (and it is terrible), coercive socialism isn't the cure. Only having the Golden Rule written on every heart is the cure. John McCain is never going to work to bring forth the Golden Rule as the voluntary law of the land. He's still calling upon people to join the military, for crying out loud.

I've written before about failures, bailouts, the Federal Reserve, and Ben Bernanke's and Alan Greenspan's lackey management on behalf of the global plutocrats (world bankers). It was all scientifically planned, just as was predicted when the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve were allowed and formed by illegal means.

I was firmly opposed to Reaganomics and Milton Friedman's philosophy. There was some ridiculousness to some of the regulations that were in place, but rather than think about what would be best, they were just for selfishness. That's backwards.

Cut the Pentagon — Soak the Rich

In the mundane system, the fastest way out of the current crisis is to dramatically cut Pentagon spending and dramatically raise taxes on the rich. Soak the rich, and dismantle the military-industrial complex. That's the mundane method. The rich purchase keywords though, such as "punitive." Getting less compensation regardless of how much money they make they term "punitive." Actually, it's doing them a favor if they would only understand it from a scriptural standpoint &mash; if they only had sufficiently working consciences.

The divine method begins with human beings collectively and individually carrying out the commandments of Jesus.

Please help with the Christian Commons Project™. It's the only way. Regulation within the mundane system, the social welfare state, is better than nothing, but it isn't best. It is still based upon coercion that is the threat and use of militant force. We must rise above that. We must become more enlightened than that.

You see that the greed is evil. Greed only returns evil. There is nothing, absolutely nothing good about it. The only way it ever looks good to anyone is if that one is looking at it wrong — not seeing the long-term negative consequences — the bad pattern that repeats forever until greed is overcome. Violence and sexual depravity are the same.

What do the Republicans want? They are holding out for greater deregulation. That's the dumbest thing that can happen in the already dumb system.

Now, we are for the voluntary economy, but these Republicans are not. They are only for what will allow their top to consolidate more. Otherwise, they are for vast coercion. They are for global coercion under the U.S. dominated Empire.

Look, people are in the habit of listening to the rich about money. The rich don't know more about what are the right things to do. They know more about how to finagle. That's their stock and trade. Some are thriftier than others. Some are not as reckless in their gambling habits as others. They all play the game though.

When is speculation not gambling? Answer: When the American lower and middle classes co-sign (by proxy via U.S. Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen) the gambling debt.


What an awful indictment of U.S. foreign policy that the Bush administration is fomenting the greediest of the greedy in Bolivia who want to be superrich while the poor stay poor. Those rich land thieves, who stole the inheritance of all the indigenous peoples of Bolivia, have been paying killers to attack and murder supporters of sharing the wealth in Bolivia.

Evo Morales declared martial law in the state, the department of Pando, where the governor, Leopoldo Fernandez, had ordered the murder of some 30 indigenous supporters of Morales share-the-wealth movement.

Iraq: The Surge Farce

When they announced the Surge, they said they would clear neighborhoods of al Qaeda in Iraq and hold those neighborhoods. At the time, I told an acquaintance that they wouldn't clear and hold anything in that manner. I called it crap. They would not go through neighborhoods and identify and remove al Qaeda.

What they did do was ethnic death-squad activity. It has and will continue to haunt them. Analysis of the nightlights shows that whole neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed rather than swept solely of so-called al Qaeda members.

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