I join Twitter. I didn't know a thing about it other than it follows you around the Internet logging your posts and comments, etc. MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog will do that if one has registered with them that way (to specifically do that). Twitter though, as with Facebook, puts a premium on linking your cell phone with their system. I don't have one — surprise, surprise. I'm not really big on gadgets. Gadgets for gadgets' sake is far from my style (or spirit). I do have a few gadgets. I work from a computer nearly all day.

I'll tell you, I did just get a new phone. I did that, because the old phone was broken. Why have a phone? Well, there are two answers to that and one is the same as why I have the computer I work on: Blood relatives and to bring forth the Christian Commons Project™. How can I ask people to help with the Commons and communicate with them without a phone in this day and age? The ends do not justify the means, but technology is as good as the good to which it is applied. The spirit is capable of communicating one person to another, but we live in dark times and hearts are too hardened for that to happen (lack of belief). Jesus was amazed by their lack of belief. He couldn't force things to happen. God worked what were considered miracles based upon the degree of belief. There's nothing wrong with that. We get what we deserve.


Anyway, this is the phone I got:
$60 Uniden (CXAI5698) 5.8Ghz Corded/Cordless Single-line Phone

Because my headphones were also broken (I use them for work), I also ordered a cheap headset:
Koss UR 10 - Headphones (ear-cup)

I received free shipping, because I bought them together and they were eligible for that service.

So far, the phone(s) works fine. I just finished programming it today up to a point.

The headset is okay too especially for the money. I like the cups, because I live near the airport and freeway. The street racers are LOUD! The cups allow me to have the windows open while listening without having to turn up the volume, which is bad for the ears. I don't need any more damage than I already have from loud rock music in the 1960s.

Kid Tech Guru

Getting back to Twitter though, one person (Xavier Lur) decided to just start following me. Not knowing how the system really will work out for what I'm doing, I simply "followed" him back. He sent me a message saying thanks and explaining that he's 14 years old and asking me to check out his website. I was surprised. He calls himself (website name) "Kid Tech Guru." So, I checked it out. If he is only 14 (and I have no reason to disbelieve him at this point) and he's doing this on his own, he's impressive. He's a resourceful and capable young person. May he walk with God.


Ordinarily, I wouldn't write anything about it; however, his top post at the time was particularly helpful. I've written before that I test in different browsers. Well, his post was about a service I'd forgotten about called Browsershots. I followed his advice, and if the results are still there (it expires), here's the page they created for me to see how this site rendered in 75 different browsers and versions.

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