Rep. Baldwin Introduces Bill to Undo and Prosecute Bush-Cheney Crimes
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After Downing Street.

In Christianity, there is accountability. Jesus laid out the progressive disciplinary steps. You go alone to the offender. If that doesn't work, you take several witnesses. If that doesn't work, you take it to the congregation. If that doesn't work, the offender is out of the body. You still treat him or her in accordance with the Golden Rule; however, you are to realize that the person is a heathen. How do you do both at the same time? How do you treat someone as you ought to want to be treated while at the same time treating him or her as a heathen?

How much faith are we to have in the Golden Rule? What is its power?

The measures advocated by U.S. Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin in the linked article are within the mundane, coercive system called American democracy. It isn't the same thing as the voluntary association known as the Church. Regardless, she is advocating for the reduction of evil. She's asking people voluntarily to sign on to her plan. Within the mundane (absent the divine having conflated yet with Earth), it is about as good as it gets.

It is preferable however that people finally come to realize that the American system is fatally flawed and no path to righteousness. You can't force people to know Godliness.

When Heaven and Earth conflate (New Earth and New Heaven), and they will, it will be when each and all have voluntarily seen and accepted the real light, the real truth that is giving and sharing all, total peace, and sexual purity that is harmlessness. That is true love and God the perfect.

Why do I link to such sites with such articles if they aren't Christian, per se? I do it to help highlight that the path followed by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and all the other neocons is dead. It is pitch-black. There is zero light on that path. Dick Cheney has even openly advocated taking to the dark side (that's pure evil on his part coming right out of his mouth and heart).

Now, along come John McCain and Sarah Palin following very much in the footsteps of Bush and Cheney, maybe worse if that's possible, and it is. That's not to say that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have it right. They don't.

What you are seeing is a financial meltdown, because the whole system is evil. It's based upon selfishness, which is evil. Rather than struggling to get ahead in that evil system, we need to come together to pool efforts to bring forth the Christian Commons Project™.

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