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Greed: Prophesy Against It

Greed, we are seeing and hearing that word being used more and more now and rightly so. Since its inception, this site has used the word and used it very often. I created this site to expose greed, to prophesy against it along with prophesying against violence and sexual depravity and rather for the giving and sharing economy, total pacifism, and sexual harmlessness and general, real beneficence.

Preachers Bought and Paid For

I created this site to, among other reasons, unmask the global plutocrats who have duped so many calling themselves Christians who are not, not because they don't want to be but rather because they don't know what real Christianity is. They've been brainwashed by a long string of preachers bought and paid for by the plutocrats for that very reason, to dupe them, the masses.

Plutocrats Are Not Christians

The plutocrats are people of mammon. They didn't get there practicing Christianity. They didn't get there striving to bring forth that for which Jesus still calls. If you can't see that much, you're in severe denial and frankly under a spell, in a hypnotic trance, and not yet seeking truth.

The fact of the matter is that the more a person has amassed for self, the less that person is practicing Christianity. However, because so many people want to be both selfish and Christian for the societal benefits derived, they buy into and defend and promote the richest of the rich and their false version of Christianity.

What Has Really Happened

As of the current economic crisis, here's what has really happened.

Short Attention Spans

The plutocrats simply skip a generation or two or three so due to short attention spans, historical memory is lost, so continuity is lost. They have simply been playing chess several moves out.

Historical Amnesia

They have people they've hired and who have sold themselves to them who study history. They study the history of what they see as successful rip offs, thefts, empires, etc. They ask the question, what worked in the past that certain people were on top being served by others and how may we apply the strategies and tactics used in the past to the current situation. It's a discernable pattern right there to see if one will refuse to employ a short attention span and historical amnesia.

Federal Reserve and Alan Greenspan

Certain of the global plutocrats planned that the Federal Reserve (Alan Greenspan) would maintain a policy of loose money to create the booms (dot com and real estate bubbles) that occurred. It was well known that they were doing this. The system had its vocal and persistent critics who were censored by the system owned and operated for the benefit of those plutocrats so that later, after each dastardly deed, the liars at the top may have their minions spew "who knew?" — who knew that the bust would occur?

Who Knew?

9/11 Lies: 9/11 Truth

It is the exact same kind of lie used when Condi Rice stood before the whole world and said that no one imagined that jets would be flown into buildings even though the Pentagon had rehearsed exactly that (even built a scale model of the Pentagon being hit by such a plane) and the intelligence community was all over the issue before 9/11. Who knew? Plenty of people that's who knew.

Iraq War Lies

Who knew the Iraq War and occupation would entangle the U.S.? Well, I remember tens of thousands of people hearing it on TV before the invasion that the U.S. would get into a quagmire in Iraq. What is it now? It's a quagmire of course. Who knew? Just look back to see. Don't just move on with blinders on. You'll walk into the ditch behind blind leaders.

Right now, those minions are working overtime, as paid, to convince the masses that what's good (twisted version of the good) for the plutocrats is good for them, the masses. It is not. It is bad for them. It is evil for them.

Tax Bailout: Redistribution of Wealth to the Ultra-Rich

Those plutocrats knew from the history of their own families even that the bubble would burst. They positioned themselves to still be standing with plenty of assets so that they could buy up market share but more importantly so they could reap the benefits, so-called, of a tax bailout that they would see is heavily promoted through the very propaganda mechanisms they own (mass-media, for-profit corporations).

The tax bailout is ultimately not to bailout speculators. It is to transfer wealth back to the top. That's all.

Who knew this about them in advance? Their methods have been likewise studied and documented down through history by those who have not approved of such dishonesty. That is not to say that all people who have exposed the particular plutocrats are themselves saintly. Many of them simply seek a different branding of selfishness, one that is geared to allowing them to rise, again so-called, while still keeping yet others down (namely the egalitarians or more so the most compassionate of the compassionate).

The System is Rigged, Fixed

So what is going on? The gambling is not gambling as much as the race or fight has been fixed. The global plutocrats doctor the horses in the race. They bribe fighters to take dives. That's what they do constantly via the Federal Reserve and the U.S. tax system.

Of course, the fix was in with the subprime-mortgage crisis that has spilled over, as the plutocrats intended, into everything globally. The fix is never not in. The fix is fulltime. The whole system is rigged. It was rigged from its inception.

Not Federal and No Audited Reserves


The Federal Reserve is not federal, and it has no proven reserves. It is private, and it has never been publicly audited. It is owned by secretive ultra-rich, ultra-controlling families.


The ownership inures to the benefit of the heirs in those families and not to the general welfare contrary to the U.S. Constitution that specifically states that the government of the U.S. was created to promote the general welfare. That's the public welfare and not a few families that have bought their positions through unscrupulous means that is bribing public officials down through the ages.


Income Tax

Bribery, intermarrying, putting family members in office, those are the means by which the plutocrats positioned themselves to create the Federal Reserve, under its gross misnomer (an exercise and prime example of propaganda in and of itself, a psychological ploy), and to create the U.S. Federal Income Tax.

National Banks

The history of the U.S. and the colonies before them is a history in large part about the struggle of the common people to be out from under the greediest of the greedy, the leaders of the largest banks and houses of international finance (international financiers). Part of the history of the U.S. has been the class struggle and ideological and religious struggle waged over national banking. There have been times in U.S. history when the people have been successful at destroying the central bank. The ultra-rich though kept coming back with more and deeper schemes to re-enslave the system further and further.

Anti-Semitism Obfuscation

One of the scheming ways in which those world bankers and international financiers have used propaganda to silence their critics is by pointing out the negatives of their opposition. One such prime negative has often been racism and ethnic bigotry, especially anti-Semitism. That's because British and Continental European banking houses were often dominated by Jews. In other words, in order to deflect just criticism they point to the sins of their critics.

This is an attempt to cause people to distance themselves from the parts that are true about the world banking and financial system because those people fear guilt by association even when they are in no way associated with anti-Semitism. In other words, it's a nasty trick designed to distract people from the truth that world bankers and international financiers are in fact practicing the evil that is greed and other evils by extension.

Therefore, the answer for the people lies not in dismissing the criticisms of the anti-plutocrats but in rejecting both the system of greed of the plutocrats and racism and ethnic bigotry of many of their detractors at the same time.


Furthermore, the web of evil, the web of greed, doesn't stop at rigging the system by manipulating usury rates (themselves and abomination). Greed extends to and is part and parcel with violence and sexual depravity. The wars in the world are drummed up out of the same spirit that rigged the system with usury. The greed for mammon is the same evil that lusts after spilling blood for twisted satisfaction no matter how unquenchable or fleeting and the same evil that lusts after sexual gratification or release no matter who else is harmed by the means and ends.

Selfishness Must Die

Oh, it's true that different souls can become stuck in one area of this whole system of feeding off others. One might be interested in money and not sex. One might be sadistic and a killer, a militant, and not be interested in money or sex. Another may be a sexual predator so much so that he or she does not focus at all on money or blood spilling. Nevertheless, these things come under the general heading of selfishness. It is selfishness that is the enemy. It is the spirit of selfishness that must die.

Community Property

It's why the original disciples of Christ who knew him in the flesh, who lived with him, who walked and talked and ate with him, lived from a common purse and shared all with none saying his possessions were his own private property. It is also true that we have no record of their having set up the Christian Commons in the manner in which I've devised (linked to below for your convenience and edification). However, the reason for this that is often given by laissez-faire capitalists is in error.

The Church was mundanely illegal in Israel at the time. Paul himself was charged with seeking out and arresting Christians so they could be imprisoned, tried, punished, and put to death, as many were. The Christians were in no position to create lasting Christian communes (farms) openly practicing Christianity.

The closest thing to the original Christians were the communes of the Essenes. The Essenes though were about keeping to themselves rather than doing what Jesus did and advocated, which was taking the word right into the center of the world (the priests in the Temple in Jerusalem and to the tax collectors, prostitutes, and money-changers, etc.). Jesus was more enlightened than were the Essenes.

Divide and Conquer

Divide and conquer is the motto of the plutocrats. They don't want the Commons. Everywhere there was a Commons, they stole it from the people. They are thieves who stole the rightful inheritance of all under threat and use of arms. "Might makes right" in their eyes. That's why it hasn't mattered to them that George W. Bush lied about 9/11 and Iraq to steal the oil.

Divide America. Break down the lower and middle classes further and further. Play them off against each other and off the rest of the lower and middle classes around the world. The position of the plutocrats is strengthened relative to the weakened positions of everyone else. The name of their game is self. It is not God. It is the opposite.

Break others and consolidate power (evil) to self. That's selfishness.

The Christian Commons Project™

Are you going to continue going along with this corrupt system, or are you going to do what will displace it peacefully from your side? That's the Christian Commons Project™.

No one can do anything alone. I can not bring forth without God. Will you gather together to bring forth?


Does this mean that you must drop everything and stop earning money? No, it doesn't mean that. The world is a very dark place right now. I mean there is a huge deficit of real faith. God can change everything for the better so much so that no one would have to work to eat. However, the collective deficit is so great that it is that much more difficult for an individual. It's why Jesus, himself, could not work miracles in some locales. What you can and should do is give from your earnings to the cause. Doing so does not justify the current system. It works to displace it with the righteous system where people are not misled into the evil you've read about above that is pure selfishness.

Every bit helps. The-more-the-better is the truth. The light will build up. Have faith. Help me to translate the money into a system where it isn't even needed and there are no taxes, etc.

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