One hears many in high places calling for the people to not require of them, those in high places, that they consider things before jumping to action. This is what is referred to as a call to dumb down. It is a call to thought termination. The reason for that is because thinking will lead to connecting all the dots. It will result in asking the right questions the answer to which will indicate the right path out into the future. That is what those in power do not want to happen. If it does happen, and eventually it will, it will lead to their downfall for the bad stewards, the selfish stewards and minions, that they have been since the beginning (to use the Biblical expression).

Do not stop to think about what caused the mess. Just clean it up. Then, you will be sure that future messes will continue to happen and no one will know why. No one will put two and two together to get four and make the intelligent changes so that messes stop occurring. Why would anyone not want to stop future messes?

The answer is that they make what they consider gain and profit by creating and controlling and manipulating messes. Take away the messes, and they don't make what they wrongly perceive as that gain or profit, which is really everyone else's expense to the detriment of all especially in the long run.

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