Now we have supposedly learned that Alberto Gonzales simply fabricated a set of notes to cover Bush, et al, in the event of investigation and impeachment. Gonzales reportedly created fake notes of meetings with Congressional leaders (the "Gang of Eight") which fake notes claim that those leaders went along at the time with Bush's illegal surveillance methods by the NSA and the telecoms, etc. Those leaders now deny the contents of those notes. Gonzales held up those notes as evidence. If the Gang of Eight is to be believed, Gonzales is in this case a fabricator, a liar, just as is his former boss, George W. Bush and just as are all the neocons who were and who remain in office. They are all liars. It's their stated philosophy. It's basic to them. They believe in lying to the common people. They justify it always. It's evil.

Where was the Gang of Eight when this claim that they went along was first put out there? They were silent. Why? It's suspicious. I don't buy this as the full story. There is much that isn't being revealed here. Were they silent, and was their silence taken as ascent by Gonzales and Bush?

Alberto Gonzales will be a partial scapegoat for the administration of course. Bush also may yet pardon him in a blanket pardon just the way his father, George H. W. Bush pardoned everyone in the Iran-Contra Affair/Scandal.

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