The U.S. House of Representatives had rejected the Bailout. The Senate added some tax cuts and passed it. The House was then tempted or enticed with some $150 billion more in pork-barrel spending. Those are earmarks designed to appeal to the decision makers within the various congressional districts to get them to go along with the bailout. It's not appealing to what is best. It's appealing to selfishness. That's an evil motivator. Evil motivates that way. Goodness and righteousness do not use such tactics.

Goodness and righteousness don't deny the positive consequences of doing good and doing what is right, but they don't appeal to recompense as a motivator. They appeal to the Golden Rule purely for righteousness' sake. They appeal to doing what is best for those we love, and we are to love all (enemies alike), as we ought to want to be loved and treated. It's why Jesus went to the cross, for crying out loud. It's the right example. He was resurrected not as recompense but out of compassion and love by God for righteousness that is itself compassion and that kind and degree of love Jesus showed and still shows.

58 change their vote from before. Before, they were against the bailout. Once the pork and tax cuts were there though, they switched. Think of that.

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