The rich don't mind using the so-called democratic system to rig things to what they see as their benefit. They only mind the system when the middle class and lower class use that system to do the same thing only for the middle class and lower class and not the superrich. Either way, it's coercive and evil. Doing it for the poor is less evil though. That's Christian.

Jesus speaks about relative evil. It's a fact. He and I would rather there not be any such coercive system, but we both still want what is better than what is not better. A system of, by, and for the rich is not as good as one of, by, and for everyone. That's a fact.

Of course, the so-called democracy really isn't ever of, by, and for everyone. Only the New Commandment is that, and the New Commandment is never voting to force things on others who don't want them.

This is why you need to help with the Christian Commons Project™ rather than focusing on the current system that is doomed to fall no matter what.

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