What the Bailout bill has done is create an economic dictator over about $700 billion in spending. Henry Paulson, the former chief of the discredited Wall Street investment bank of Goldman Sachs, may reward whomever he likes and punish whomever he doesn't like, with impunity. The fact that parameters that will be used in determining who is and who is not to be rewarded were missing from considerations concerning this bill is very telling. It would have been a simple matter to state proper, mundane accounting, investing, and managing methods. The bill was apparently designed to avoid any such commitments. Why is that?

Well, Henry Paulson headed Goldman Sachs while it became hugely over leveraged on worthless assets, all for the sake of the global plutocrats who are still very much pulling the levers behind the scenes in their closed door meetings where they gather around their tables and decide the fate of humanity as the demons they are. Yes, they are working for evil. That should be plain enough to see. You don't hear them advocating Christianity in full anywhere do you? No, you don't hear that.

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