How many people must starve so one person can be excessively rich?

It's very wrong that society doesn't rebuke the superrich. It rather has had its "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" instead. Think about it. There they are living way beyond what is justified and whining about having to share while others of our brothers and sisters are dying not from being unwilling to work and help out but from being denied by those same superrich, greedy pigs — yes, pigs. Jesus rightly calls them swine. He refers to them saying not to cast pearls before them. Well, let them whine while the rest of society feeds and houses the poor. Why does society care? Why is society worried about the whining of the superrich? It makes no sense. The superrich are dead wrong. Let them learn to give a damn about the poor. If they don't ever learn, let them die off. There's nothing anyone can do to force decency or compassion into anyone else. Just stop listening to the lies of the rich that they are the source of anything but selfish hoarding. Why follow pigs as leaders?

Oh, there are some very rich people who would actually love a better and good system. They just haven't ever believed that society has it in it do bring forth. The spirit is there. It's just latent.

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