We hear over and over not to assign blame to the blameworthy. Greed caused the problem and the greedy are to blame for that. Of course, the whole of society is to blame for countenancing greed in the first place. Greed is sheer evil. It should never be seen as acceptable. It should not be tolerated within. Everyone is to overcome all temptations to greed. That's clear enough.

We hear that we aren't to stop to help the poorer people in society but rather just bailout and forgive and look the other way concerning the greediest in society. McCain and Obama are so far promoting a trance, a spell.

Obama even reportedly asked the Democrats in Congress not to hold out for help for those undergoing or threatened by the prospect of home foreclosure and bankruptcy. What a strange request that is.

The Wall Streeters were knowingly reckless. Bail them out. The homeowners were often enticed into signing without really understanding the consequences of being so highly leveraged. They though are to be fleeced.

Well, we'll get around to establishing regulations later after the economy has been injected with tax funds they say. However, the injection is in the wrong place by design. They say, hurry, hurry, and don't stop to notice that there are better places to put the help. Inject the money into the institutions that keep the rich rich. Don't inject any of it into what will make the poor not so poor. Keep the poor down so the rich can be over them having them, the poor, serve the rich. If the poor get out from under, the rich will have to serve. Hell forbid that is the prayer of the superrich.

Hell does forbid that, but only for a while until Hell is overturned, which it will be (already has been in fact for those who can see the end of the contest already by virtue of Jesus having gone to the cross).

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