The Bush administration is doing the bidding of the global plutocrats in their long-term plan to redistribute more wealth from the poor to them, the superrich. The most liberal (mundanely so) of the Democrats are still just talking about tinkering around the edges. They don't get it yet.

Christ, that's Jesus, was and is a communist. He's a voluntary communist. He doesn't coerce anyone. The whole system must change from one of coercion to one of voluntary consensus, because it's the right thing to do.

The fact of the matter is that idealism is the only real path forward: To God. What we expect of ourselves and of each other must be elevated as never before even imagined for the whole of society, for the whole of the human race. Will everyone join? Eventually, everyone living will have joined, yes.

Community property is the way to go. Community housing is the right thing. The people need to own it collectively. They need to own it and run it. They need to care for it and to make the decisions about it. That's what was always lacking with all the housing projects. It was not handle correctly on purpose so the projects would fail. They were designed to fail and to further ruin people. Much of it was on account of racism and greed. There were many powerful and rich whites who didn't want the descendants of black slaves to end up being okay without being beholden to a system locking them into profits for those superrich whites. History bears out the truth of this.

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