They are buying time using other people's money (tax dollars). They are spreading the junk (worthless investments) and planning to wait until the common people work it off (or the economy makes up for it, is how they want to think about it). It is the future productivity of the common workers that these people have mortgaged. They've saddled the people. It will take a very, very long time that way to work through the current mess. It's really, really stupid.

Where is FDR? Sure, Franklin Roosevelt was no saint. We as Christians are not to esteem any human really. Even Jesus gave God all the credit. When people gushed over Jesus, Jesus said they were really glorifying God since God the Father deserves all the credit. Jesus could only have faith in God and not in himself to get things done. Wow! It's why I love him. He's so right. He was one with the Spirit — beautiful heart — a real leader — someone to follow — to emulate — not George W. Bush or Henry Paulson, et al.

FDR was no saint, but he was far, far and away head over heels above the current crowd — Obama included, of course. Of course, credit must be spread around since the people back then had the sense to go along with FDR's plan. It wasn't a perfect plan by any stretch, but it was vastly fairer than the system promoted by Herbert Hoover, FDR's laissez-faire predecessor.

Let me go on record here further. This bailout isn't going to work. Nothing short of going back to egalitarianism is going to have any meaningful effect in really relieving conditions. Not only that but things aren't going to go right until the system is converted and starting at the root. Just backing away from greed a little bit isn't going to work this time. It worked somewhat under FDR, but that was when the human race had a bit more excuse of ignorance. The people really know better now than they knew then, and they weren't completely ignorant then either.

The consequences of failing to do the right things will become more and more dire. The error is manifold now. It's cumulative afterall.

What they did in Washington these last several days has been nothing short of pathetic.

A source: Chris Hedges' Columns
Dennis Kucinich on the Democrats' Bailout Betrayal
Posted on Oct 5, 2008

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