The $850 billion won't be enough, because it isn't even putting a dent in the real problem areas. It's doing one thing only. It's propping up the gambling debts of Henry Paulson's cronies on Wall Street.

The next tranche will be for the regulated banks.

How long will it take before the people catch on, really? You don't need a banker for a barn raising. You need family, friends, and neighbors looking out for each other and helping each other. We need a national and worldwide barn-raising economy only we all need to view every barn as property as near and dear to us as our own. Every barn really needs to be everybody's. This is not to become materialists but rather to care as much about every human being as we care about any human being. Only then will we be living the Golden Rule. Then we won't need all the red tape.

The Federal Reserve is going to lower rates. It keeps increasing the amount of junk it is seen to be absorbing. This is all smoke and mirrors. They are just printing money. It's inflationary even while the economy isn't moving. They are going about it all wrong.

As I've said, the government needs to put people to work WPA- and CCC-style only better. All the rollback of the New Deal needs to be itself rolled back only more. Those are mundane, secular, coercive yet supposedly democratic methods. Soak the rich with taxes to redistribute the wealth back to the middle and lower classes from whom it has been being drained away over the course of my lifetime.

Now, if you really want the solution, do the Christian Commons Project™. There's your answer short of God finally provisioning again as he did with the feeding of the five thousand, which I don't doubt for a moment God can do.

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