As promised a couple of comments ago, I want to address the issue of interest rates and a couple of other matters (I might do in additional post so this one won't be huge).


Beginning with interest rates, the Federal Reserve is lowering rates. It is doing that in coordination with the other major central banks in the world. This is to make renting money less expensive. It is to make renting money alluring, tempting, etc. The idea is to re-prime the pump. The idea is to stimulate the circulation of money. There are other ways to do it, historically proven ways so far being avoided. The money-changers wanted to get as much free money from the people's so-called representatives as possible before the people gained too much momentum in stopping the wasteful and fraudulent bailout.


What other ways are there to prime the pump? The New Deal showed plenty. Spend on public works. Have the public sector hire and pay people to do public works. That means the people (the government) hires the people. The people hire each other. They hire themselves to build things in which they all share equal ownership. Public works are collectively owned. The U.S. super highway system is an example.

The government, the people, all own those roads. Through their representatives (at least this is how it is supposed to work as far as the people are told), the people make the rules concerning those roads. Driving down them is free, per se. There are costs associated with driving on them of course. There are no tolls, per se, however.


The privatizers want to change all that though. They want to make a profit by excluding the poor from being able to drive down the public roads that those privatizers want to make private, of course. It's a terrible idea. It's an evil idea. It's a selfish idea. It will not make the roads better or cheaper in general. I guarantee that's the truth.


Now, the government can also contract for the public works with private contractors who hire the unemployed to do the work. That was done during the New Deal in many cases. The government though was an employer where the private sector couldn't hire up enough workers. Frankly, we need full employment, and that's where interest rates come in here.


When everyone is working, workers have more say over how much they are paid. They are more valuable in the mundane, capitalistic sense. Employers supposedly can't afford to be without them or to have a hole that is more expensive to fill where the potential employee may demand more before agreeing to work. He or she will just go elsewhere since there are other job openings.

By raising interest rates and making business contract, workers are laid off. The pressure on wages and salaries goes down. The rich are then in a more powerful position to demand more work for less and less pay.

When more workers have jobs, wages usually go up. Employers raise prices to cover the cost of higher wages. More people have more money to buy more things and manufacturing things usually lags demand. Hence, prices of goods and services go up for that reason too. That's inflation.


Another way inflation occurs is by printing more money than needed or more money than productivity suggests would keep prices stable. That second thing is what is happening right now as unemployment is also increasing.


The dollar is going to keep falling on account of it and for other reasons as well. Prices are going to continue rising. People are going to continue losing jobs. More unemployed people are going to be chasing fewer and fewer jobs and be willing to work for less and less just to eat. The ultra-rich will be slavishly served, just the way they want it. People will be willing to suffer all sorts of indignities to eat, just the way the superrich want it.


This won't last though. Some prices will go down as demand falls but supply and inventories remain relatively high. Oil is a prime example. It is always one of the first indicators of how things are about to go over the subsequent few years (yes, it can take years). Historically, if you watch oil and construction you can read the signs of the economic times. That has to change though due to global warming. The oil rich hate this.

Now, all the rate cutting will slowly attract the timid and fearful back into the economy. They will find it difficult, because the economy will still be sluggish, as planned, as foreseen, as milked.


The economy will start to heat up. When employment numbers rise, the interest rates will be jacked up to slow wages. The bankers will reap the profits. Those who planned it all, their families (oligarchs, plutocrats), who consolidated more during their planned-and-caused downturn, will be that much richer relative to everyone else, they think.


This is no natural business or economic cycle we're going through. It's a planned happening. It's the imperialist, banker chess masters cleaning out the competition that they set up for the kill in the first place. Trust me. That's the mentality.


It doesn't take many at the so-called top to be that way to have caused all of this to happen. It doesn't matter that billions below think it isn't possible that anyone can or does conspire on that level. When it comes to the Alexander the Great syndrome, there are people who will assert their will over others no matter the expense to the general welfare or well-being of all the others on the planet. It's competition, and the biggest ego (megalomaniac) wins (loses if you believe Jesus, as I do).

Stop falling for the idea that those at the top of the money pyramid are sentimental about the common people to the degree that they will forego wealth, power, and control for the sakes of those common folk. One just doesn't get to the top of the current worldly system by being a good person. It doesn't happen. It can't happen. The rules don't allow for it. The Machiavellians made the rules. The only way to "win" is to join them or change the system. It's the changing the system part that scares them to death, literally.

Are those people devoid of humanity? It depends upon how you view it. From Jesus's perspective, they don't know him and he doesn't know them. They live and feel in a different universe even while Jesus does acknowledge their pain and suffering and takes no joy in it but rather takes joy in the relief of the righteous downtrodden.

It isn't Jesus's fault that the unrighteous are unrighteous and get what they set up in their ignorance that they falsely imagine is clever.


The right system is the Christian Commons Project™. It is a step in the progression toward the conflation of Heaven and Earth, both New. It is not the wrong direction. We can move through it to the level of faith shown by the feeding of the five thousand and beyond, as Jesus said.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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