The fighting in Afghanistan has nothing to do with terrorism other than as pretense. It never did. It still has everything to do with Empire and controlling energy and other things that have been commodified.


Iraq is broken. The people there were already damaged by Saddam Hussein. George W. Bush and the neocons have simply made things much, much worse. Corruption is rampant. Extrajudicial executions are rife. Ethnic cleansing has been carried out under orders by the U.S.

The invasion was illegal in both the mundane and divine senses.

The occupation has been a continuation of neocon barbarism — Shame.


The leaders (so-called) of the U.S. don't care about the Pakistani or Afghani people. They only care about themselves. The tribal people are looked upon as mindless. No one takes the time or trouble to discuss things with them without a selfish eye.

The way to win is by creating a win-win situation. They want to live decent lives. They would appreciate being treated decently. Try it for a change.


Somalia is an ignored crisis. That nation was finally enjoying some stability. The U.S. could have worked with the Islamic Courts Union to moderate views.

Rather than caring about the poor people, the U.S. vengefully attacked a nearly helpless people and sent in its proxy military, the Ethiopians (under a dictatorship).


Talking about a lack of discussions, why don't the Iranians and Israelis talk at the highest levels? No doubt, things could be worked out if only people weren't so self-centered.

All the Israelis need to do is start giving a damn about the Palestinians. It wouldn't be hard at all. They could just start treating them right.


The financial situation is still much, much worse than is being admitted. Months and months ago, I wrote that we were only about one foot up a fifty foot wave. Well, we're almost half way up now. I wrote a while back that one half of the wealth will be gone when the floodwaters finally recede.

Well, the half that will be gone was all phony all along. It was all a shell game.

The global plutocrats knew things would get bad, but they underestimated. They also completely underestimated the people and the times in terms of coming to learn the details of what has been happening.

Those plutocrats haven't seen anything yet. Wait until the researchers and writers dig in for years to come.


George W. Bush has been planning for fascistic reactions to mob anger. It's okay with him if he orders troops to fire on Americans. He and the other fascists believe that will scare everyone into backing off to allow the neocons greater and greater control. Actually, it will only harden more people.

More people will take violent positions and be willing to fight and die rather than rollover. The neocons are severely underestimating just how angry the people can become. Enough people can rip a government to shreds in no time.

Don't forget, the military people have family members. If push comes to mass killing, most in the U.S. military will side with the common people rather than the plutocrats if those common people include other than those who are consider fringe right now.

Don't forget that in a violent revolution, the people just take what they want from those who were denying them. It's all justified in their eyes, just as Bush ignorantly thinks he's justified.


So, Habeas corpus is dead. How long will that last?


The Indians never should have obtained the bomb. It was a very stupid move on their part. How they could go from Gandhi to nuclear weapons is a lesson in falling.

The whole world must demilitarize. Eventually it will, when it wakes up.


Rising interest rates doesn't seem to fit. The Federal Reserve and the other central banks are lowering rates.

It's only temporary. Inflation is going to continue until the dollar is worth half. They'll clamp down yet.


Meanwhile, what's being done about global warming? The economy is a distraction.
Everything is a distraction concerning all the other issues. Frankly, the answer to each issue is the same answer to all of them.

The entire system must be reborn in the new spirit of unselfishness. Evil is selfishness.


We need to provide the necessities for one and all. That's the answer. Who's not willing to work for that unselfish goal? We need to stop being silent when people wrongly state that it is unchangeable human nature to be selfish.

We are not immutable.


George W. Bush has a 25% approval rating. The amazing thing is that it's that high.


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    • I don't think I've seen the 'high points' summarized more effectively.

      This Afghan summary http://www.thenation.com/doc/20081020/joya makes the reality shine through - as Iraqi http://raedinthemiddle.blogspot.com/ Raed Jarrar has done.

      [I fixed the links. TU.]

    • @opit - Hey, John,

      Your comment went to spam. I don't see anything in it that ought to have triggered that. I'm glad I caught it. Perhaps some site or sites where you've left a comment recently marked your comment as spam, and Akismet (the anti-spam plugin for WordPress) was trained a little to view you as a spammer. You might want to re-visit recent comment-submission sites to see if your comments were approved. Obviously, I de-spammed your comment, so that will help train Akismet back concerning you if that was the problem. I do use other security measures that might have been involved.

      Thank you so much for your kind appraisal.

      I want to elaborate/remind on the "INFLATION, RECESSION, DEPRESSION, UNEMPLOYMENT, RISING INTEREST RATES." I think I'll do that in a post.

      I also have some points to make about a Times of India article and a comment of mine they refused to show there.

      Lastly, I want to discuss [deleted]'s [deleted].

      These all tie in.

      I'm going to check out the links you provided now.

      God bless,

      Tom Usher

    • @opit - As for the links you provided, John, as you know, many self-styled (false-hearted) Christians would take exception. They'd have a problem because Joya and Jarrar are not professed Christians (as far as I'm aware).

      Well, Jesus stated clearly that sin is relative. He made clear that the so-called Jews who turned him over to Pontius Pilate had greater sin in the matter than did Pilate.

      Neither Joya nor Jarrar are advocating greater sin than are the neocons. That's just the way it is.

      Joya is a very brave woman. Many of her points are exactly correct.

      Jarrar has also stood right up to the civil-liberties hypocrisies of U.S. officials.

      They are certainly both better than average by a long shot. I trust you agree, or you wouldn't have pointed to them as a helpful example relative to the norm of the neocons that is extremely low and dark.

      May God bless both Joya and Jarrar.

      Tom Usher