The only way out of the current crisis is via unselfishness and cooperation.

Selfishness and competition are the enemies. They are evil. Unselfishness and cooperation are Godly and righteous.

The less humanity moves toward unselfishness and cooperation, the worst things will get. If humanity doesn't move to these things, the fall will be very hard and very far.

There is no way out of this choice.

Also, if the people move to unselfishness and cooperation to get out of the mess and then backslide, the next episode of falling will be that much faster and that much farther and require all the more unselfishness and cooperation at a very much faster rate to stop the fall and to rise out of the hole.

This is plain and clear. The choices are being placed in stark contrast. The excuses are being taken away as foretold, as predicted, as prophesied. If you doubt it, you'll find yourself suffering more.

The worldly powers that be are meeting and trying their best to figure out how to avoid it. They are trying to figure out how to do as little as possible. That won't work. Mark my words. The longer they take to stop being self-centered, the harder things will be.

This is no guess on my part. This is not some mere opinion. This is how it is and will be.

Also, unselfishness means harmlessness in all things, including sexual. It has been a trend in recent history for people to pretend that homosexuality isn't harmful. That's a lie. It is part of the huge selfish spirit that must go and will go. "Homosexuals: What they ignore." Read it, and don't be a part of the huge lie that there is nothing wrong with penises being in male anuses. They don't belong there. They weren't made for that. It's disease causing and promoting. It comes out from unclean spirits. That's a fact.

Human beings are not immutable. Behavior is a choice. No one has to be a homosexual. It's a mental decision. Stop thinking that way. Stop acting that way. It isn't right. It isn't healthy. It is unwholesome. It's adding to the overall problems along with greed and violence and the other forms of selfishness.

If this offends you, will tough. You better change. You better get right with righteousness, and righteousness doesn't include deliberately doing what is harmful in the end to anyone.

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