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NATO agrees troops in Afghanistan can target drug trade
Last Updated: Friday, October 10, 2008 | 10:54 AM ET

Wow! Is this not transparent? The U.S. and NATO are going to go after so-called drug lords who support the Taliban. There's no proof there, just unsubstantiated allegations and propaganda to dupe the people back home.

The Taliban had dramatically reduced the drug trade. It's one of the reasons the bankers (global plutocrats) wanted them gone. There was money being lost, because money-laundering was down and drug sales were off in Europe and elsewhere. It was the U.S. invasion that caused the huge resurgence of poppy cultivation.

All that's going on here is changing who controls the trade.

Play ball with the neocon imperialists, and you can grow all the poppies you want and be a billionaire. They might even make you president one day and make the world believe you're a great person, a real freedom lover, democratic, etc. If not, if you turn against them in favor of the people, they'll probably kill you. That's how they handle their puppet dictators.

The drug trade is so capitalistic. Huge fortunes have been set up in the U.S. and elsewhere off addicting people and profiting as pushers. It's what the opium wars were all about with China and the British. The Chinese will be hooked for the sake of the wealth of the British Empire. That's the way it was, and the rich became richer and handed it down via inheritance that still exists to this day on both sides of the Atlantic. Fortunes made from evil enterprises are handed down as if that is just. It is not.

You aren't supposed to connect that past with the present though. You aren't supposed to realize that the exact same mentality is alive in this NATO policy and its practices. You are rather supposed to be duped, an ass, an idiot, a fool, a laughingstock in the dinner rooms of the superrich. Are you, or do you really read the Gospels and what they say about the ultra-rich and how things really ought to be?

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