I wrote that the dollar would continue falling in the sense that inflation will continue and not in the relative-currency-value sense. People will move back and forth in holding different currencies based upon their perceptions about short- and long-term trends. The value of the dollar is relative to other currencies.


Right now, all worldly currencies are being strained, because the inherent and fatal flaw in capitalism is being exposed for all to see who don't deny reality. The so-called best worldly currency is actually the most devouring over all.

The U.S. dollar was the strongest, because the American system made the most gain off the rest of the world.


Right now, there is no worldly competitor in place with a better and alternative plan, as perceived by the predators. There is so much riding on the U.S. that the rest of the world is turning a blind eye to the rip-off of the American taxpayers for the sakes of those who built a house of cards on Wall Street. The American taxpayers are being forced to work off the debts of the parasitic.


Wall Street did not provide a valuable service when it allowed and even promoted those who undercut the foundations. That of course is the point. Such attitudes are inherent in the system that is based not upon the ethic of Jesus but rather the ethic of self apart from God (oneness).


Somewhere and all the time, someone or some group is thinking solely about how to get for self regardless of how bad the outcome for others. That's selfishness and competition. It is not a good plan. It is a bad plan. It is evil. It does not bring real value. It brings for some at the greater overall and negative expense of the rest. Capitalism has fueled global pollution for instance. Capitalists can work on anti-pollution, but they have to fight against the capitalists who are making their gain from pollution. In a system that is based upon unselfishness as the self-with-God as the regulatory spirit, such competition would not exist. All would be for anti-pollution for the sake of all.


Contrary to Milton Friedman's erroneous assertions, the market is not self-correcting. The spiral downward can continue forever for those who are asleep when it comes to unselfishness and cooperation. The greediest of the greedy, who have just seen to it that they be awarded and safeguarded on the backs of the poor and those being evicted from their homes and losing their jobs and pensions, are not moved by what is truly best for the market and for themselves in the end. They are moved by whatever will assure them the most worldly wealth (mammon), power (dark side), and control (ego) until they die in the flesh and go to their reward in Hell. As Jesus said, how can they escape damnation?


What the Milton Friedmans of the world want the rest of the world to misbelieve is that the rest of the world should leave all the guiding to the Milton Friedmans. It should not. In fact, Milton Friedman should not have been followed at all. His views were, and remain, completely wrong. He was wrong, ignorant, and one of the bad shepherds who helped to lead the flock over the cliff to die and be devoured below. He was not wrong simply because he was a monetarist who believed in using the monetarism of the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates during a contraction to stimulate or prime the pump. He was wrong because aside from that he also believed in as much laissez-faire (let-do) capitalism as otherwise possible.


The fact of the matter is that private property is anti-Heaven. There is no private property in Heaven. Everything is public property in Heaven. Everyone simply is of the spirit that wants everyone to be loved and loving — that is harmless and more so beneficial. Therefore, they don't take away from any soul what that soul needs.


God and Jesus share the throne. Jesus, in turn, with God's blessing, shares the throne with his fellow true believers. Did you know that?

Most people calling themselves Christians are under (misled) the false impression that God doesn't share his throne with anyone. That's completely wrong. God is the spirit of one. God wants all to join in God. It's the Bible story as it unfolds beyond the Old Testament.


It's a huge point of departure for those who can't bring themselves to this point without getting all confused by secular notions of humanism. There are those who want to join God in God's unselfishness, and then there are those who want to replace God for their sole ego sake even while imagining that they are on the ultimately correct path. They don't get it.


The spirit of replacing the God who provides and does not judge or condemn (did you know that God and Jesus don't judge or condemn, ever?) is the wrong spirit. The right thing to do is to join in the spirit of Jesus.

First though, all the lies about Jesus that are told in the churches and on the streets, etc., must be overturned, just as Jesus overturned the liars in the temple. Truth is everything. It is the most important thing there is, because love (God) is truth and vice versa.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the people deciding collectively from their working consciences what they will work on and for and who will benefit. If the people, as a huge community, decide that they will work on providing homes for all, then there is no law of economics that prevents that. The same goes for food and healthcare and education and all the rest.


The competitive want everyone to misbelieve that all such endeavors are led by totalitarian dictators. They are only willing to point to the history their kind have written about Joseph Stalin and not about the history of all the places of community property and consensus regulation in the world as counter-proof.

They will falsely claim that capitalism has brought all the benefits and that socialism (of any kind or brand, including the community of the first Christians in Jerusalem) has always failed miserably. That is all lies started by the greediest of the greedy to dupe the people into serving them at the negative expense of the people. It is far, far from freedom from evil and temptation.


The truth it that there is coercive socialism, which is false-hearted. Then there is voluntary community property as with real Christianity. (The Christian Commons Project™.) The greedy don't want the thought of real Christianity out there in the marketplace of ideas. They have worked very hard to keep you from reading these very words in fact.


They pay people to work in their think tanks to contrive false arguments and to spread those far and wide all for the sakes of the greedy who benefit in their eyes when the common people are duped into thinking that laissez-faire capitalism is some engine of wealth building when in fact it is the engine of always devouring more than it returns. It is a net-loss always.


They want your thoughts to instantly terminate when you read this. They want you to remain under the trance that they have created via advertising and all of the other processes for pumping falsehood into your head.


The competitive also want everyone to misbelieve that all such voluntary community-property efforts are top-down or centrally planned by those far away and unable to understand helpful local flexibility. They don't want the people considering the alternative of bottom-up and top-down consensus building where the top learns from the local experiences and helps to facilitate the coordination with other locales in using the best of the best and adjusting locally depending upon local conditions.


The prime-mover of selfishness is not the best. Everything that humanity does would be vastly better with unselfishness being the prime-moving spirit.

It is selfishness that bring strife, war, theft, rape, abuse, murder, deceit, and on and on. Unselfishness (consistent, non-hypocritical, real unselfishness) brings none of those things but rather brings their opposites.


The U.S. Congress was completely wrong to bailout the Wall Street investment banks the way they did. Congress should have seen to it that the ignorant on Wall Street not fall into abject poverty, but they should have done nothing to guarantee them the lavish lifestyles to which they became accustomed as a result of their greed that ruined things for the rest of the people.


The U.S. Congress should have moved to taking care of those who were already down on account of the deregulated system. They should have moved to take care that everyone who wants one has a home and enough good food and decent employment conducive to a clean environment.


Why didn't Congress do that? It didn't do that because most of its members are selfish. They rose by selling themselves to the greedy interests. They did it because they are stupid and ignorant. That may sound cold and callous to you, but it is not meant in that spirit.

What they did was stupid. It was not intelligent. The intelligent thing would have been to do those things I've just suggested. They are lacking the knowledge about what is right versus wrong. They falsely imagine that serving the powers that be is the right thing to do and that the common people just don't understand how the proverbial sausage is made — better left to the so-called experts.

Well, they are at best fooling themselves and have been all their lives. The system is wrong. It is inherently wrong. It is fatally flawed and will fall to be replaced by the right system that is based upon what is best.

What is best is not what satisfies selfish wants apart from God. Those accommodations would be better met by seeing to it that everyone's needs are met.


Humanity is a huge family. That's a fact. The term family has many connotations depending upon the context in which it is being used. Jesus was a true expert in semantics. I know of no one who used context better to impart wisdom.

There is family and then there is family depending upon what people understand as true family values. Racists and the ethnically bigoted hate this truth. They don't want to consider all human beings as being relatives. Well, in the spiritual sense, in the spiritual context, then they are not. It's why Jesus said that his real family consists of those who will love each other as they love (watch out for and help) themselves. That doesn't negate the other context in which Jesus knew full well that everyone ought to think and feel that way such that all human beings would be considered blood relatives, which we really are for those who aren't hard-hearted.


Now, people read this sort of thing but hedge in their minds. They are afraid to buck the people on Wall Street, such as Henry Paulson. They are afraid not to esteem the greedy who have robbed them. What a mental and spiritual block that is. It is the problem, at least part of the whole problem.


Unless and until each individual changes his or her perceptions about what is the right basis upon which to found the economy (the global household), the fall will continue apace.


I sure would like to hear from people who see this. I'd like to see them adding their comments to post stating that they aren't going to continue being silent about the fact that the worldly system is exactly upside down from how things ought to be and will be once the critical mass is reached of people finally seeing the light and coming to know the real difference between right and wrong.

If you read this and don't contribute to promoting the truth, what are you making of yourself? You remain part of the problem rather than beginning to be part of the solution.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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